Monday, November 19, 2012

Doing Good, by being Bad Ass!

It's one of my birthday wishes that everyone I know in San Francisco be at The Powerhouse on Friday, November 30th... Why?  Because it's my birthday celebration night, but also because it feels good to give back in some way.... And on this night, I get to kill two birds with one stone!  When my good friend Suzan Revah, asked me to host and coordinate the successful SF fundraising party - Nasty, I couldn't say no.  She told me to do whatever I wanted to please the piggy masses.... and I thought... wrestling.... dirty, sexy, rough, wrestling. And by giving donations there, I get to help raise money for Project Inform.  A non-profit, specializing in information and advocacy for those affected by HIV/AIDS. Connections to legal, housing, and medical support is provided by this great charity, helping countless names in the bay area. I hope that you all come out to support a great cause, and watch me wrestle, as well as many other hot and horny men on stage for this event. It will be fucking LEGIT!!

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