Monday, December 3, 2012

Oink Alert: Tied to a kitchen table and serving it up.

My piglets... the newest installment of 'oink fantasy', a la Tony Buff and starring myself, is now available for your pleasure.  Shot in Seattle during this summer, I'm in two scenes for the movie... "Save My Hole"!  I get tied up on a butcher table, and my hole fisted expertly, by the talented Leo Forte; but then have another scene where I get to turn the tables (so to speak), and shove my arm deep, into the magically endless cavern that is Boyhous! OINK!!! Please enjoy the many carnal delights of this cinematic masterpiece, by picking up the DVD from your neighborhood slut-o-rama, or just click on the movie on "My Movies" sidebar list, to order direct.  Cheers!