Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My plan for global domination! Muhahahaha!

It's interesting for me applying all of my knowledge from television producing, hosting, writing, and modeling into my new porn venture.  Some things work, and some things I've realized don't actually apply.  Regardless, I'm trying to make the most of it.  I decided that if  I was going to go into porn, I would go into it hard.  

There's an unwritten rule of television and film industry, that once you go into porn you can never turn back.  Porn has always been regarded as the lowest of visual mediums.  Assumptions have carried on for generations that frame those involved as 2-dimensional predators, or 2-dimensional fuck puppet dimwits.  Whatever the person involved in porn, those in television, film and now digital media tend to look down their noses, and view you as lazy, uncreative and shallow people.  Which is pretty ironic, when you meet those in television and film.  It's a perception that is so strong, that to turn to porn is worse than getting a DUI (Paris Hilton), or going to jail (Martha Stewart).  Which is reason I was so afraid of doing any porn, and always vowed not to, rebutting every offer by major studios and porn sites.... until now.  

Why the change?  Living in San Francisco is part of it.  The more you associate with those that are in porn, work in porn, and enjoy porn; the more you realize that all of those media perceptions that were being fed to you are complete bullshit!  I've met just as many intelligent, caring, and hard-working individuals in this industy, as I did when I worked in television.  Maybe even more.  So, with my old rules discarded, and no longer constraining my thoughts and ambitions for myself, the world is wide open to explore sexually. Mmmmm boy!!! 

It's a path that I hope will not only help me build a career as a porn star, but porn producer, and maybe even sex educator.  I never wanted to be the 'thug', or 'big-black-man' stereotype of previous black porn models.  If I was going to put myself out there, why not use all the abilities I've acquired over the years, and show what I can REALLY do?  More than that, why not show the versatility of porn, and what a black person, of for that matter, any person can do? Friends of mine and I started discussing last month how we could turn the industries' new fascination with me, into a way to build a website.  Their knowledge of technology and website planning, married with my knowledge of modeling, production and creative ideas has made  Devoted as a fantasy sex site with myself, hot wheels, and hot guys; we're looking to launch it at the end of May '09.  I hope you'll come along for the ride.  It's going to be sweet! Also, I've launched a new fan page for all you Facebook freaks.  Go check it out, write stuff on the discussion board or post pics of me.  I look forward to hearing your ideas, and comments about the new twists and turns I'm about to take.  Gear up, things are gonna come at you fast. :)


  1. Okay, but you need to let us bloggers know something to help you sell it. Will it be a pay site? Some photos would help.

  2. Sure thing Sue...and yes, it is a pay site. I want to get some more things finalized on the site first, but I'll forward you as many things as I can in the first week of may. Until then, go check out what's there on

  3. The Nascar of Porn.

    Sounds fucking awesome!

    Tamara :@)

  4. You are so right Race. I've discovered most of the guys in gay porn are very smart, intellegent people. Very talented in areas outside of porn. It's truely amazing to find out they can be artists, engineers and pilots. I'm looking forward to!

  5. I wish you very much success with your plans! This is fantastic. So very glad to have found out about you -- and your blog.