Monday, November 9, 2009

L.A. Vibe

Been in Los Angeles for a couple of days now... and just found the time this morning to finally blog about it. I'm in town shooting with Chi Chi LaRue for Black Balled 7, and I think this film is going to be major HOT! Spent Friday with my good friends Alessio Romero and Silverfox at their new pad in downtown L.A. I LOVE THESE GUYS! Seriously. They are the sweetest fucking people in L.A. Saturday, I hung out with super-porn-fan Tamara (GPcrush), as we originally planned to go see the movie 'Precious', but got to the theater to find all the good seats were taken. So, instead we toured around Hollywood and made fun of people and stupid stuff. LOL funny! Check out the video at Madame Toussau's House of Wax.

Yesterday was the first day of shooting for BB7, and I Chi Chi told me she already had a good feeling by the time we had our cover photos finished. Everybody got along really great, and were joking around and talking like we had known each other forever. It's always good when you can get ensemble casts, to work together, with little to no drama. Black Balled has besides myself, Eddie Diaz, Aaron Ridge, Scott Alexander, and Cameron Adams in it. Very, very hot cast!!! Tons of big black dick to go around... you might need a wheelbarrow for it.
Oh, yeah... and it was Chi Chi's birthday yesterday.... so we all sang Happy Birthday for her. She's awesome!!! It's a rare occasion to get to work with someone, and immediately have a connection right off the bat. LOVE HER! One more day of shooting today.... for our fuck scene. Yummy!


  1. BB7 line up/cast list sounds hot! Will be great to see you and Scott Alexander together again

  2. That was such a hilarious afternoon! Glad to know the shoot went well. I can't wait to see you again!!!