Monday, November 30, 2009

The guys at customs know me by name....

So, to recap for those who might be inquiring.... I got my ass kicked by Brenn Wyson on Naked Kombat. It's not like I didn't expect that to happen. The guy makes his livelihood fighting. I put up a good fight, but I didn't go over board.... no reason to damage myself seriously, when I had an upcoming trip to Toronto, and Thanksgiving with family the next day. To his credit, Brenn's a really cool guy. We actually started joking around, even before we started fighting.... He promised to train me, the next time I came out to Florida to visit. Sweet! After our fight, he mentioned that he hadn't seen the Golden Gate bridge, so I drove him out there, so he could get to see it at night.... I have a feeling we're gonna be pretty good friends.

Next day was Thanksgiving, so spent it with my family in the bay, and then early the next morning I was off to Toronto! Shot with a website that I've worked with before.... Incidentally, nominated in the same category as mine for a Cybersocket. (BTW - Have you voted for I have a good relationship with the manager's of the site, so don't feel conflicted working with their site too. Toronto, even though mild by Canada's standards, is still a little too cold for me. Craving some good moderate California fall weather.... However, the view for my room is nice. One more shoot today, and then I'm back in SF. See you all soon!