Monday, November 23, 2009

Naked Kombat - Round 2

I have another shoot with Naked Kombat this Wednesday, and I'm a little nervous. I can always hold my own in a fight, but the people at Kink, are not letting me off easy..... at all!!! They've paired me with Brenn Wyson, who's a relative newcomer to the porn world, but as a fighter he has mad skills. He even owns a boxing gym in Florida! (Gulp!) This is definitely going to be a tough fight. The dude is bi, so I'm sure we'll have some things in common.... Either way, if he likes it rough, we'll have a good time. It's been forever since my last match with Dak Ramsey, so I have to spend the next couple of days training at the gym HARD. Wish me luck.... as I try to hold on to my winning streak.