Thursday, April 30, 2009

SUPER OINK ALERT! Get your motor running... Edger9 is here!

I'm happy to say that is live!  My fantasy site of hot wheels, hot guys and hot sex has finally come to fruition.  With new updates every two weeks, I'll show you a life as a driver, fast car enthusiast, and full throttle fuck machine.  It's gonna be sick!  Hold on tight, the rides just beginning with free preview videos, an introductory offer on registering, and free photo galleries!  I can't contain myself, I'm almost about to bust a nut right now!  Where's the steering wheel?  I need something to hold on to!!!  Check out the the video with Damon Darko stopping by for a tune up in the garage.  Don't worry, I get him fixed and purring! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things that get me hot.... The new Camaro!

Even though Chrysler is toast, I'm hoping beyond hope that GM gets their shit together.  Not just because of the amount of jobs that would be lost if they went away, but because of one truly amazing car they have.  It's so fucking hot, I want to jizz all over it!  The new Camaro has a styling that is finally catching up with sports cars of this century, and the interior is fucking HOT!!! To check out more on this beauty, click here. 

Crushin' on Cooper!

I must say it's only been 3 months since I started blogging, but I'm loving the blog community right now! They are awesome!  Not only because they seem to have a crush on me (which is totally flattering), but it's a community of intelligent writers, and nasty pigs!  Just like me! :) I think I've grown addicted to checking out other blogs on a daily basis to see what's written about things going on in the porn industry (yeah, I know... I hope for more stuff about me), but as well what affects them politically, culturally, and emotionally.   It's helpful to know that there are many, many word-smiths out there that share my bent fascination with sex, politics, entertainment, or sex with anything else...  Yesterday, was really cool because of the XXX release, but also I got to see more stuff online regarding my Hot House - Skuff 4 scene.  Check out the way hot images posted by Queer Porn Nation on their blog.... All I can say is, it reminds me of the good times in Derek Diamond's ass.  Mmmmm, hmmm!!!  To check the blog, click here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SUPER OINK ALERT!!! XXX now available!

This is sooooooooo fucking cool!!  Not only is XXX from Mustang now available at a porn store near you, but I got to see myself on a poster!  I know I've already seen myself on the DVD cover, which is totally fucking awesome, but nothing prepares you for when you're walking in the Castro and you get to see your ass front and center on a display!  Ass shown here at the store 'Does Your Mother Know?' Could I be more rapey?  ;-)  I guess the guys at Mustang decided to change the poster from the original artwork of the DVD, because I'm WAY more prominent in the poster.  So, I gotta say thanks Mustang!  You rock!  I tried not to be too cheesy standing beside myself, taking a picture with my iPhone, but I couldn't help it.  Also, my buddy Connor Habib walked by at that very moment, and started making fun of me.  You can tell that I'm laughing my ass off in the picture above. :))  So, what are you waiting for??  Go pick up a copy already!  Or you can order it by clicking on the 'My Movies'  icon located on my side bar. This is a great fucking day! 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Oink Alert! Race Cooper in Skuff 4!

Hey there piggies, my scene for Skuff 4 is now available online.  That's right, Hothouse's Skuff 4 has me in it!  With full on Leather daddy regalia! Enjoy this preview which has me getting my dick sucked on a motorcycle, and dicking-down the very hot, Derek Diamond! Stay tuned for more of me becoming available through Mustang, as XXX is released on DVD soon.  Until then enjoy this little piece of Hothouse yumminess! Click here.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Porn advice.... with Race Cooper

Well, I was supposed to post pictures today with the shoot I was going to do yesterday, but the model decided to flake. No big deal, and I'm not the kind of guy to get bent out of shape, or air negative stuff about people anyway. There's already enough negativity out there... so why add to it. However, I did get a nice email from a friend on Facebook, that gave me a boost when he sent me some advice. It deals with the anxiety I felt when I did my first porn shoot, which doesn't apply to me now... but is solid advice to anyone who's thinking of doing porn. BTW - if you're thinking of doing porn, contact me!!! I have a porn site that I could use some sexy male models on! :) Anyways, the advice is simple.... it goes like this....

(1) You're fucking hot, ok? You know you've got what it takes. Bro, it'd be an honor to just be sitting next to you, watching you reach a sexual climax...watching that instantaneous uncontrollable point of man's physicality. I'd have such a boner, it'd rip thru my pants.

(2) If sex feels good..if you are so turned on...your ass hole is so hungry it wants to eat up anything, or your cock is so hard and ready to explode... experiencing sexual passion like that which feel so good to you HAS TO and WILL look just as good to others watching. If there's that inner kinky side to you that wants others to watch you having explosive hot sex, than it will be explosive and hot and you will be a success.

Do it it hot...either take the biggest cock you can find up your ass (I'd love to jam my 9-incher in) or fuck the hell out of some cute bubblebutt ass...go for it. You'll look like a million bucks and guys will be cumming watching you.

Honestly, that's probably the best boost I could've gotten today.... so in thanks I'd just like to say to my friend, here's a preview video of me jerking off... Enjoy!!! Click here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working on the techy side of porn.

It's been a  rush getting all the equipment in here, but today I have to assemble the edit suite in my home office.  I have a production company, of which I'm partner of, that specializes in commercial and corporate videos... but since the economy tanked, I had to get out of my office, and sub-lease it.  So, now I have a whole bunch of crazy equipment (as seen above) to put together in my tiny home office.  Ugh!  On the bright side, things are gearing up for the launch of my pay-site!  We've got some great preview videos, and hot pictures... just got to work all the bugs out before we launch it in the next coming weeks.   In fact, have a very hot shoot tonight for edger9, and I'll post pics from the shoot on my blog tomorrow.  Also, Rod 2.0 gave me another shout out today!!!  Fucking - A! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Trust me.... this won't hurt.... me."

So I know I have a sadistic side.  As much as I've always maintained a courteous, friendly, and compassionate manner to those around me, there's somewhere I go sexually that makes me want to beat the fuck out of someone!  And it sooooo turns me on.  The only time I truly unleashed that was during my scene in Ass Pigs. I'm hoping to get nastier when I work with Bound Gods soon... but we'll see how that goes.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to find my own little sub to abuse on one of the online sites. There's got to be someone out there for me.... :)  Remember for your enjoyment, go check out all the scenes for Ass Pigs here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy! Look me up, I'm on SmutJunkies!

Okay, I'm floored! Last night in my inbox, a friend messages me... "So Dude! You're already on SmutJunkies! And you don't even have a movie out yet! There are guys with tons of movies out that don't have a SmutJunkies entry!"  This is definitely a significant thing, right?  I'm kinda new to porn, so I'm assuming it's got to be.  At this point I don't want to get a big head about shit, so my only reply is.... "Cool.  Hey, I haven't seen that pic before.... I can see my chocolate star fish!" Click here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My plan for global domination! Muhahahaha!

It's interesting for me applying all of my knowledge from television producing, hosting, writing, and modeling into my new porn venture.  Some things work, and some things I've realized don't actually apply.  Regardless, I'm trying to make the most of it.  I decided that if  I was going to go into porn, I would go into it hard.  

There's an unwritten rule of television and film industry, that once you go into porn you can never turn back.  Porn has always been regarded as the lowest of visual mediums.  Assumptions have carried on for generations that frame those involved as 2-dimensional predators, or 2-dimensional fuck puppet dimwits.  Whatever the person involved in porn, those in television, film and now digital media tend to look down their noses, and view you as lazy, uncreative and shallow people.  Which is pretty ironic, when you meet those in television and film.  It's a perception that is so strong, that to turn to porn is worse than getting a DUI (Paris Hilton), or going to jail (Martha Stewart).  Which is reason I was so afraid of doing any porn, and always vowed not to, rebutting every offer by major studios and porn sites.... until now.  

Why the change?  Living in San Francisco is part of it.  The more you associate with those that are in porn, work in porn, and enjoy porn; the more you realize that all of those media perceptions that were being fed to you are complete bullshit!  I've met just as many intelligent, caring, and hard-working individuals in this industy, as I did when I worked in television.  Maybe even more.  So, with my old rules discarded, and no longer constraining my thoughts and ambitions for myself, the world is wide open to explore sexually. Mmmmm boy!!! 

It's a path that I hope will not only help me build a career as a porn star, but porn producer, and maybe even sex educator.  I never wanted to be the 'thug', or 'big-black-man' stereotype of previous black porn models.  If I was going to put myself out there, why not use all the abilities I've acquired over the years, and show what I can REALLY do?  More than that, why not show the versatility of porn, and what a black person, of for that matter, any person can do? Friends of mine and I started discussing last month how we could turn the industries' new fascination with me, into a way to build a website.  Their knowledge of technology and website planning, married with my knowledge of modeling, production and creative ideas has made  Devoted as a fantasy sex site with myself, hot wheels, and hot guys; we're looking to launch it at the end of May '09.  I hope you'll come along for the ride.  It's going to be sweet! Also, I've launched a new fan page for all you Facebook freaks.  Go check it out, write stuff on the discussion board or post pics of me.  I look forward to hearing your ideas, and comments about the new twists and turns I'm about to take.  Gear up, things are gonna come at you fast. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I think the bloggers like me! They really LIKE ME!

A friend of mine sent me a link today from another blog, quoting my interview with Steve Cruz.  All I can say is "Wow!"  Not only because this is about the third blog to write about that interview, but because I had no idea how much traffic Steve's blog gets!  I love the introduction from Rod. 2.0: Beta, "Introducing ridiculously sexy, uber-built and amply-endowed Race Cooper".  I mean it can't get much better than that for an intro. Check it out here. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Aaaah, Drinking on Easter! Jesus would have wanted it this way.

So, just came off a long weekend of drinking and hanging with friends for Easter.  It's been interesting as the time gets closer for my first movie with Mustang to finally be released.  I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen, but my friends in the industry have started asking me 'if I'm ready for it.'  There's no way to prepare for the mind-fuck that happens when you see yourself cumming in a scene, or seeing your mouth and ass full of cock, and that knowledge that everyone can see that for all eternity.  However more than that, is the expectation from others that you're going to be some big porn star in some way, when from your own perspective there's absolutely no way to gage whether that's true.  A friend of mine who does porn, asked me at a cocktail party how I was going to feel about the upcoming fame, and lack of privacy.  My only answer was, "This is the choice I made, and I fully expect to lose my privacy.  After all, I've not only made myself into this public commodity to be sold, but people that watch me will believe me to be an intimate part of their lives.  It's hard for them not to feel that way, when I've invaded their TV set at home, and cum with them.  They will always feel like they know me."  The only thing I can do at this point, is try to stay grounded, and keep my friends very close.  Like my buddy Mitch in this picture from Easter.  He keeps me laughing, and reminds me who I am.   The countdown is beginning.... hopefully I won't have a min-freak out when the first film gets released. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bound Gods.... the sweet, delicious PAIN!

Well, just booked my next gig.  Was starting to worry there, with not doing much since my Skuff 4 shoot.   I'm excited about doing this one with's BoundGods.  Not just because I marvel at the rope tying of Van Darkolm, or because I enjoy getting tortured heavily, but because I also get to work with Tober Brandt.  Hot scruffy fucker! So, I'm the sub-bottom on this... which is kind of a treat, since I've already been typecast as an uber-top lately.  Should be fun... I'll post more pictures when I have the shoot after May 1st. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Cooool! Fleshbot Crush Object!

I'm out of town at a wedding right now, but I couldn't help myself and had to blog about the kudos I just got from! Holy shit balls! Apparently I've replaced their previous object of affection Marco Blaze, and am now the new Fleshbot Crush Object! Check it out here!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fuck you very much! My interview with Steve Cruz for XXX.

My interview is online for Steve Cruz's blog.... and you're gonna fucking love it!  It was great to work on 'XXX', and I have yet to find an experience, that was as fun as that one!  There's an excerpt from my interview below, but to read the entire interview, as well as the interviews of some of the other stars of 'XXX', click here.

Interview :

Shooting your first porn movie, was it all you thought it would be? Was it difficult getting love-sexy in front of a crew of strangers?

I think I'm a pretty sexual person, and I've always been an entertainer and exhibitionist. So, no... it wasn't difficult. That doesn't mean I wasn't nervous the first time, because I was. I think the only expectation I had, was that it was going to be a job, and that part of that job was to try to give an exceptional performance. It helped that you were directing me, and that my scene partner was the crazy hot Scott Alexander. That helped me to get over my nerves, and really just try to have a lot of fun. Which I think we did... I mean, I've never laughed that much on set, ever!

When the lights are off and the camera is no longer rolling... what gets you smoking hot?

Hmmmm... well, I guess hunky muscular men are a given. But more than the physical, can be a man with integrity. Integrity isn't a commodity that you see in men very often. If we're talking about what I like to do sexually... it's a lot! I'm a freak, and I know it. I'm into bondage, S&M, wrestling, watersports, fisting, the list goes on and on.... I like to have my limits tested. Life like sex, is more interesting and fun, if there are challenges to

OK, I have to ask 'Race' Cooper?! A black man named 'Race'? Are you serious?

Hell, yeah!!! We all know that the adult entertainment industry is just another facet of media as a whole. Regardless of recent achievements in politics, there are still biases, stigmas and stereotypes that permeate this industry. I'm of mixed races, however, most people don't see anything but a black man. So why not, just put it out
 there, and call myself by what most people see first? Also, being a writer, I like word-play. Having Cooper as my last name, and Race as my first is almost like saying to another driver, "Let's go! Bring it!"