Monday, April 12, 2010

Coming to the 'Couv

Today started out as your normal Monday. Had a list of errands to do, running around the city, renew my driver's license, parking permit, finalize plans for upcoming trips to L.A. and Chicago. Shit like that. Went to the DMV first, because I figured.... why not get through the most excruciatingly painful shit first? Got to the front of the line with all the paperwork necessary, passport, license, and was delightfully informed by the guy at the counter, that they couldn't do anything for me because my passport wasn't valid. I tried to explain that it was, and so was my visa... but the guy wasn't helpful in any way. I sometimes wonder if people at the DMV take pure delight in how rude they can be to you. Do they take courses on how to be assholes? Anyway, after a quick call to my lawyer, found out I have to go out of the country for the weekend, just to be re-issued a card that extends my visa. So instead of going to my hometown of Toronto, figured nows a good time to visit Vancouver, catch up with friends, see the sights and get 'wrecked' at Wreck Beach. If you see me cruising around Denman and Davie streets, stoned out of my mind.... please say hello! Better yet, offer me a joint. :)


  1. Agghh!!! You were in Vancouver and I didn't know about it!! lol Well MY fault for not keeping in touch. Give me some warning next time okay handsome? Harry