Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gettin' wild in the 'Rear Stable'

Yesterday's shoot with Ryan Patrick, for the 'Rear Stable' release, was a really good one. As I've said before, I do enjoy the gingers.... and while he isn't the ultimate bed notch of Prince Harry, he's pretty darn close. Started the shoot with director extraordinaire Chris Ward (another ginger), giving me some great instruction on how to properly fist, a fisting bottom. I mean I've fisted a lot, but yesterday I learned a few tricks. The resulting pictures of my hand crammed into Ryan Patrick's ass, is nothing short of amazing.... felt warm and cozy too! Then we were on to the fucking, with Steve Cruz taking control behind the camera. Steve is always great to work with, always understands a model's perspective, and let me draw on whatever Ryan and I needed to make the scene work. And boy did it! That was a serious raping, caught on camera.... almost like Jodie Foster in the 'Accused'... but without the pinball machine. HOT! After, hours of fucking in a couple positions, we settled down for a nice little release, with me blowing my load all over Ryan Patrick's face. I got cum in his eye! Awesome. Gotta thank everyone at Raging Stallion, including Bruno Bond, and Dominic Pacifico who were on set... you guys rocked!