Friday, April 9, 2010

The new Mr. Magoo

I'm a nerd. I'm a geek. I'm a bookworm. I'm every kid who was teased in the playground, and had to have his older sister protect him. But now, I'm grown up.... I've grown out.... and I do porn. I've worn glasses since I was 14. Which never really bothered me, since I was pencil thin, and the smart kid in the family.... it was kinda expected that I'd be overlooked by the opposite sex, or even my own sexual counterparts. But somewhere along the way of fully becoming the adult intellectual, I discovered some sports that I was good at, and started working out. The buck-teeth got corrected by a dental surgeon, the glasses got replaced by contact lenses and the image of the nerd stopped looking back at me in the mirror. I miss him. He reminds me of who I am inside. So after many years of ignoring the geek, I decided to bring him back a bit. I hadn't replaced my glasses in six years, and I was due for some new frames. Found a cool place in SF that sells retro frames.... and presto. The Nerd is back! I've been wearing my glasses everyday now for the past couple of weeks.... and I like what I see, in all of its 20/20 glory.


  1. For the sake of argument - and saying it were possible for you to be even hotter than you already are? Well, the "geek" look would push you over in the edge in my book. :)

  2. I love the fact that you're an actual person and not just some hot guy!

  3. It's not the glasses that make the man. Just be yourself and enjoy who you are. As for the porn, it's outstanding!

  4. We love what we see as well.

    And for all the geeks out there who never found their inner body-builder, or have spent literally years in gyms and never built the body that you have, you give them hope.
    But you have, in that comment above, also given them permission to be who they are. And embrace it.
    It's a beautiful thing.

  5. I thought you were hot before. Now you're really HOT! I've always loved geeks, especially geeks that are smart and body build. That's a HOT combination.

  6. VERY hot!! Intelligence is as sexy as a hot body and dick!

  7. I can relate somewhat, although I wasnt a geek so to speak. when I came from Jamaica to Connecticut... moved to Boston for Grad school, I was teased because of my accent.... I held firm to my culture and my educational background and didnt pay much attention to them. Now when I see these guys around they comment that they knew I would do well for myself. I used to cohost a local call in TV cable show on Mental Health and Childhood delopmental issues so people would see me around the neighborhood and acknowledge me. In reflection those days were lonely on top of that dealing with my being gay and Jamaican.. Was hard BUT I wasnt bitter as I understood where it all came from.
    Race you are beautiful, never doubt that you have looks, body, personality, HUMILITY, and INTELLIGENCE. which is more important to me.
    When I read your blogs, I am often moved by your humility and ability to expose yourself for all to see. I feel a deep sense of LOVE and RESPECT for you.
    By the way you look ABSOLUTELY AWESOME IN ORANGE. your skin tone is RICH and Orange looks hot on you.
    Would recommend seeing the documentary, "The ADONIS fACTOR" Saw it on LOGO TV. over weekend.