Monday, February 7, 2011

SUPER OINK ALERT: Double dose of Gingeritis!

Hey piglets, two DVDs to grab your attention, and then for you to grab yourself with.... I love Gingers!!! First up, is my rocking scene with Ginger#1 - Ryan Patrick... in "When Men Fuck".... This was a mighty sweaty ass romp for me to have in a barnstable, riding some cowboy ass HARD.... Made him squeal like the little piggy he was.... and then left him in a cummy mess on the hard cement floor. Love it! Second rocking scene was with Ginger#2 - Kennedy Carter... in "Drenched in Piss County". Kennedy and I have an awesome time, dowsing each other in urine, slurping it up off each others cocks and asses, and glorifying in all that is piss. Plus, we get to flip fuck each other too! I'm especially proud of the moment I let out a geyser of 'golden sunshine' that sprayed over Carter's head, onto his back, and then into my own mouth, before continuing to fuck him. Deelish. Both can be found at your neighborhood porn store, or just click the link for it on my movie list on the side bar.


  1. Ginger and Chocolate......uuummmmm......sounds deelish!....LOL!

  2. Race you are featured on DUNKINS PLAYGROUND. with a few shots from BUTTMACHINE. Really interesting man check it out...your recent facebook shots are stunning... Just got back to Boston, had flown back to San Fran on Thursday and overnight in San fran until this afternoon when I left for Boston.
    Los Angeles was ok. I hooked up with my Jamaican Rastaman that I used to see until he moved there ....... a truly beautiful and spiritual man...THE BEST SEX.... i have a thing for NATTY DREDS... I slutted around AT THE BATHS, ONLY ONCE AND ate lots of mexican mangoes.
    Race hope all is ok man.. I'm fine. Have 2 more weeks vacation will be heading to lONDON next Thursday to visit fam. Dont particularly like Britian. lived there when I was a lot younger.