Saturday, February 5, 2011

RSVP Race Cooper #5

Okay piglets..... it's been a long time since I answered your filthy questions. So, time to cum clean. Let the intercourse between your dirty minds, and mine begin.

1. I want your used jock

Ummm..... noooo. Sorry, I like my underwear. We've grown attached over the years, and I've had some fond memories with them. Sigh.

2. You made some great scenes at Naked Kombat, Butt Machine Boys and your best scene with Tober Brandt. Do you have any plans to appear with them again?

Ahhhh. You beat me to the punch. I'm actually going to be shooting with Naked Kombat, this upcoming week. Not the usual when you've signed an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion, but the people at told me that the fans really wanted to see me back.... and RS allowed me to do it this one time. So, I'm reloading and getting ready to spar with Jeremy Tyler (shown here). Should be a fun match, I've been told he's pretty strong. Hold on NK fans... I'm coming baaaaaaccccckkkk!

3. You drove many BMW cars in your scenes. What's your favorite car and what's your car in real life, and how many cars do you own?

Okay, so I only have one car.... although I think about getting a motorcycle too.... I'm afraid there just isn't enough parking available in SF for me to justify two rides. I drive a regular Toyota 4Runner.... need room for the snowboarding equipment, and to drive my drunk ass friends back from the bar (Trent Diesel). I don't really have many favorite cars right now... although I've had an affinity to Audi lately. Purdy.

4. How do you dress in real life? 1 - at work do you wear a suit or jeans? 2 - at beach do you wear speedo or a normal swimsuit? 3 - at home do you wear sexy lingerie or naked?

I'm pretty much a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, all the time. And at the beach I'll flip between board shorts and a speedo... depending on who I'm hanging with. Lingerie around the home?? That sounds like a lot of work, for smoking weed, farting and watching tv.

5. If you had the chance, would you work with Tim Kruger?

Fo sho! You know I love my gingers.... and he's a hot German sausage! So is his boyfriend Grobes... Frankly I'd let them both fuck me at the same time!

6. What kind of impact do you want to make on the world?

A deep and big one.... Oh slutty mind, when will you stop? ;-) Seriously, I'm not sure. I know that on my tombstone, I don't want 'pornstar' on it. So, let's just say expanding the conscious of a generation... would be a good goal.

7. How big of a philanthropist are you?

I don't think I'm actually that big of a philanthropist, but by the standards of my peers maybe I am. I know I enjoy helping people, and giving back to the community in some way. Maybe it's the Canadian upbringing that tells me that society doesn't change when you look out for yourself first, but when you regard the rights of all people to be tied. That everyone should have a warm home, food in their belly, and the ability to get a job if they want it. It's that kind of mindset that I grew up with, and I grew up in a downtown city. So, I was used to seeing cheap whores and bums on the street as a kid. It was normal to volunteer at soup kitchens growing up, to give everyone the simplest gift of 'respect'. If people ask me to be a part of a cause, and I can afford to give my time... I'm there. But I'm not sure how you measure that.

8. Ok, what is your process and the generall overall process for preparing to be fucked on film? Are all those guys honestly that clean when they are getting fucked? Any hilarious stories? What are the taboos???

General process, and this includes for me, getting fucked on film is a thorough douching. But you had to already know this... a clean bottom is a popular bottom. You have to be clean in porn!!! After that, it's whatever the individual is comfortable with. Some guys practice with dildos (not me) or use anal-eze to relax before taking a huge cock. No hilarious stories really.... Except the time I farted in a scene partner's face, while he was rimming. I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes. Only taboo in porn is a 'wet noodle', beyond a dirty ass. You have to be hard! There is no market for flaccid penises in porn.

9. What's the most painful bondage experience you've had?

There was this cattle-prod that hurt like hell once.... but most of my bondage experience has been delish! I have a really high-pain threshold.

10. Describe the first time you had sex with a guy, was it good?

Yeah, definitely good. So good, I got scared and went back into the closet for a few more months. I had a lot of fantasies leading up to it, so when I met someone that I wanted to fuck me, I went balls to the walls. Sucking his cock, rimming, and fucking and cumming about 7 times that night. I remember the dude asking if I was sure it was my first time.... I guess some people are just born to fuck.


  1. Race just got on my comp. to print my boarding pass for LA. and checked your blog. Man you cheered me up today. was feeling REALLY out of sorts.
    Was such a NICE suprise running into you in the Castro. I had just arrived and was TIRED and HUNGRY.i didnt know what to say.. was at a loss for words... it caught me off guard..... Loved the comments about the langerie for farting,smoking, the mary jane etc. FUNNY.
    man you have a way with words.
    Hope I can talk briefly before i exit your city,on Friday, hoping i will but not expecting to. would be disappointed if not BUT. it was nice seeing you. you seemed almost stunned when i called your name.. NO I WASNT STALKING
    maybe i am projecting now.
    thanks for the uplift today. was feeling really down this AM until I read your blog entry. GOOD LUCK MAN.

  2. I really enjoy reading your Blog and I'm looking forward to your new NakedKombat scene with Jeremy Tyler. I know it's going to be HOT!

  3. Race please forgive me for blowing up your blog.. BUT man you are funny. your comment about wearing lingerie? being too much work for farting, smoking the Collie weed and watching TV. HILLARIOUS. you really have a knack for humour and writing.... You know how I have been encouraging you to explore that... you really should.
    As far as guys prepping for being fucked. I remember going to an unnamed bathhouse in WEHO. this week it's amazing to me how guys can think anyone would want to fk them when they have an odour from their ass/ body... its a real turn off. I dont mind a man's clean natural odour BUT funk, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I LUV ass but not a funky one. thats one thing I like about my 2 Jamaican DREADS they were USUALLY CLEAN, UNCUT, FREAKY AND NOT SELFISH IN THE CAYA. love my men AU NATURAL. I can ralate to a guy farting in my face once.... am sure you can guess what I was doing, no odour. nkow what they say about us Scorpios.

    Race I OWE YOU AN APOLOGY man. I am sure you know what I am talking about... COOL IYA.
    MUCH LOVE MAN. I am really serious about you writing a book. anything I can do to make it happen just say it.
    Really love this blog, may provide some noiceness if you could interject some social topics along with your work stuff to peppa it up. just a suggestion.