Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Folsom / Castro Street Fair - Recap!

Hey my piglets... another Folsom Street Fair and Castro Street Fair has come and gone.... and once again, this year... trumped the previous year! Fucking amazing! So good, I needed some serious recovery time. But now that's it's all over I get to share with you my adventures....

Saturday night of Folsom Fair was off the hook, with two parties that Felix and I went to. Twisted was packed wall to wall with pornstars and porn industry insiders. It was the first time that Felix and I went out as an official porn couple, so there was no shortage of photos of us taken.... Then it was off to Magnitude where we danced, sweated, met lots of friends, danced and sweated some more.

The next morning was the Fair, and it almost looked like it was going to suck with the forecast calling for rain... but luckily the heavens parted, and all piglets rejoiced in their slutty city surroundings. This year we both dressed as superheroes, and looked fucking awesome together at the Falcon/Raging Stallion booth. A testament to how much of a hit a costume is, was how many people kept stopping us to take our picture. As well as the Huffington Post running a main story pic on Folsom Fair with me in it.... Fucking A! You can't get better marketing than that. After the fair, Felix had a Hard Friction shoot with Morgan Black, and afterward we went out to dinner foregoing Real Bad.... We were wiped.

The next few days were filled with sunny days at the beach and Dolores Park (as well as fucking a few guys together). But we were back in piggy (or piggier) form for our Fetish Force shoot on Thursday. That's right piglets... you get to look forward to a very intense fetish scene with Felix Barca and I coming soon. Trust me when I say, this was monumental. You will soak yourself in cum from watching it!

That Friday, we went bowling. Yes. Bowling. My man wanted to experience something American. So, we got the gang together, and watched him sink gutter ball after gutter ball. Laugh Riot! The rest of the weekend was filled with a couple of b-day parties on Saturday, before the Castro Street Fair on the Sunday. It was a blast running around with my man, and actually getting some time to hang with friends. Both of us agree this was the most fun we'd ever had in our lives. Check out all the pics below.