Monday, October 17, 2011

OINK ALERT! Institutional Encounters and Rugburn!

Hey there piglets... two new DVDs for you to get your grubby little snouts into are in stores now.... On one hand, is Tommy Rawlins getting pounded by my fist, and beaten and fucked by me in a jail cell... on the other hand Shay Michaels and I flip fuck each other hard in a gym with our urban hats and kicks.... Whatever your taste, these videos are hot!

Working with Tommy Rawlins was a pleasure... that man can fucking take it! I fucked him against the bottom bunk of a jail cell, ramming his head against cement blocks. After I came, I then took him to the play room, where I proceeded to ram my arm up his ass to the elbow, and fuck him mercilessly on a gurney. HOT FUCKING TIME!

With Shay Michaels, we couldn't stop fucking each other... even between takes.... That boy has one of the meatiest asses in the business, and I loved being all up in there. :) Plus, he fucked me back pretty hard too.... so much that I came three times during the shoot. Steve Cruz was none too happy with me the first time I came... but he settled down when I had two more gushers... So, check these videos out in the Movies sidebar, or go to your local video gutter store to buy... 'Institutional Encounters' and 'Rugburn'!