Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hustle to Berlin!

Is my life actually like this? Am I really going to Berlin for the third time in a year? I keep shaking my head at how lucky I am...  Yes, Euro-piglets! I'll be touching down in Berlin once again for Hustlaball's 10th Anniversary Blowout! I'll be on stage, getting nasty, and spreading the dirty love.... before autographing for the fans of Europe. I'll be joined by fellow American porn stars.... Landon Conrad, Michael Brandon, Ryan Raz, Ricky Sinz, and Spencer Reed. I hope to see you there.... It's gonna be clutch!!! Also, looking forward to re-connecting with friends that I've acquired in Berlin, London, Paris, and Barcelona.... Peeps put on your heels, fire up the smoke machine.... we are gonna dance all fucking night!!! :) For more information on the Hustlaball event and schedule... click here.


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