Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oink Alert! Back in the RS saddle!

Hey piglets,  my first releases as a long term exclusive have been released by Raging Stallion. First up is an awesome scene in the movie 'Stripped#1 - Make it Rain'.  The scene was with long time friend Josh West. How long have we been friends? Well, let's just say that when we told our friends that we had a scene together, people jokingly said... "INCEST! You're fucking your sister!". Oh well, Josh and I are professionals... and good buds... so we knocked it out of the ballpark with this one. Check out this hot scene... as West, fucks my ample booty with his thick, massive cock. Yum! Incest is best!

Next up is a movie that Raging Stallion / Falcon president Chris Ward had to talk me into..... my first ever sounding video. I'm featured in 'Sounding #8', directed by Chris Ward... and even though I was apprehensive at first... I actually enjoyed it. It's a very intense sensation to massage your prostate through the inside of your urethra... but not as intense as when you cum after. HOLY MOTHERFUCKER OF GOD!!!! I think the whole building heard my scream... and I'm sure the editor who had to edit my scene went deaf.... Oh well.  Movie magic at its best! To check out these movies, just go to your neighborhood smut store, or click on the movie in 'My movies' sidebar.  Enjoy!