Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oink Alert! The last Titanmen flicks.

So, usually I would keep people abreast of my goings on for flicks as they got released... but taking a break from writing, lowered this as a priority for me. Nevertheless, for you... my minions, my piglets... I offer to you the last of my Titanmen movies!  'StudFinder' was released probably two or three months ago... but was a fun shoot to do with European newcomer Stany Falcone.... Gotta love that uncut Euro cock. Mmmmmmmm! Felt good getting fucked over a carpentry work table.... How do real carpenters get any work done?? Well whatever, it's no concern of mine...  More recently in the past month, 3 movies were released by Titanmen, featuring myself. 'Special Reserve' features me getting fucked by long time friend Tristan Jaxx.  It's funny since working in the industry as long as we both have, we never fucked... even more interesting that I was his first black guy. What you say?? Shocking... isn't it? Yes, I am the 'gateway to jungle fever'. Secondly, is 'In Deep' where I starred in a rare three-way with David Anthony, and Keiron Ryan.  Three-ways are hard to navigate in real life, even harder to have chemistry with everyone on camera... but we had no problem.  In fact, there's lots of BTS shots of us not stopping our play once the cameras stopped rolling. Rejoice! Hot shit! That was a fucking awesome shoot! As well, I got to meet and be directed by Joe Gage (love his work), a true visionary when it comes to steamy and sultry movie seduction. Lastly, it got raunchy in 'Shove It!', my last fetish movie with Titan. Newcomer Lance Smith, was my sub, caged and hungry for cock.... So, my dominating side had fun, teasing and fucking his hole open, before switching to some big toys, and then doing simultaneous fisting/ass play, before shooting a huge load. Oink! I hope you enjoy these flicks, they were awesome to make... and I had a great time with everyone I worked with at Titan. But now onward to more dirty, raunchy, action at Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios! Check out any of these movies at your local smut store, or check out 'My Movies' sidebar to order direct.

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