Friday, August 21, 2009 in full effect!!!

We've been getting some fantastic reviews all around for which is soooooo fucking awesome, I've lost the ability to add new adjectives! You can check out sweet reviews both on Queer Me Now, and on Jack Manly. Plus, check out our cool trailer available on YouTube....share it with your friends.... HOT SHIT!

I'm in New York and having a blast right now, meeting photographers on the east, and hanging with friends here.
Got to have a great shoot with Michael Alago yesterday, and going out to Brooklyn today to shoot with a cool new photographer that Michael recommended, called Adam Kozik. The best way to describe Adam's artwork is, it's a lot like Maplethorpe. Very simple, but stunning. I'm totally stoked! Check out a sample of what Michael and I shot yesterday (pictured here), and I'll hopefully have more photos to post with other photographers soon.

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