Monday, August 31, 2009

L.A. Recap (100th blog post!)

It started with a very humid morning getting off of the plane, and being greeted by the creative director from Men Magazine. Armando is a doll, and drove me from the airport to both of my shoots that day. The first shoot was with Dean Keefer in Studio City, and I was a little overwhelmed when I looked at his studio set up. There were celebrity pictures everywhere, and I had to mentally calm myself down, so I didn't feel like an intruder in such a professional place. Shots were fast and furious, and we managed to shoot me in four different styles, in a hour and a half! Remarkable!

Next, we went to Silverlake to shoot with Mark Henderson.... Who works slower, but definitely at a pace I got to enjoy. Mark was a joy to work with, and Armando and him came up with some very cool ideas to put me in, that will be a part of his new male pin-up style book. The one with the wedding veil, takes the cake! Excuse my pun.
After my shoots, I got dropped off at Alessio Romero's place where I would stay for the next couple of nights. Alessio and I have become fast friends, and a sweeter guy, you will not find in L.A. TRUST ME!!! I got to meet Alessio's hunky boyfriend Tom (pictured here as the meat in the middle), and we went out for dinner in The Grove. Awesome time joking around there, and meeting some of their friends, that we met along the way. Went to meet a friend Peter, later that night for drinks... and well, had some fun on my own.

Saturday morning I got up early... I felt well rested (thanks Peter), and started blogging on my two photo shoots, and a wicked review from MOC Blog. Once Alessio was up, we went to Gold's to workout, so I could show him my abs routine, and lovingly kill him at the same time. Word to the wise! Gold's in Hollywood is a meat factory on Saturday morning! Fucking
Took a picture of the Hollywood sign (Alessio and Tom called me a tourist), but it was really of the huge plume of smoke from the fires.
Looks like a nuclear bomb went off, and everyone in Los Angeles treats it like a natural occurrence. WTF??

Afterward I got some time with another friend in L.A., Matt, and we toured around Melrose
so I could pick up some sweet t-shirts! FYI - the CW is promoting the hell out of the new 'Melrose Place' in L.A. Hope it doesn't suck!
What really caught my eye, while we were shopping, was a worn out art poster of Michael Jackson.... made me giggle like crazy!
After shopping it was time to get ready for Industry at Eleven in WeHo. Were I hung out with Tamara, Alessio, Samuel Colt (who flew in that day to shoot with Mark Henderson), Rob Romoni, Thomas, Lucky Daniels, and the ever amazing Chi Chi LaRue! It was a porn frenzy! Lots of drinks were had, before we headed to Silverlake, to go to the Eagle's Meat Rack. YUMMY! Hard and juicy! Only stayed for a short while, but my twin Samuel Colt and I, got our drink on together. We're a powerful team! Can't wait to get back there.... I've got some great friends in L.A. now!