Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York Recap

I've finally unpacked my suitcase, and am taking the time to post on all the stuff I got to do while I was in New York City this week. It started with getting used to the heat of summer, which always takes some getting used to when you're on the west coast. I will never take the cool breeze in California for granted again! The morning after I arrived, I called up my buddy Mike Dreyden to see what was going on... He had some time free during the day, so we got together to hang in Chelsea, and then sun on The Pier and cruise the men. It was great talking to him at length about all of our porn experiences so far. If there's one guy I can recommend meeting in NYC, it's Mike! He's such a cool fucker!

Later that day, after a gym workout, I had to get ready for my appearance at Porno Bingo. I forgot how to get around on the Subway in NYC (it had been 4 years since my last visit), and wound up arriving a little late, but Will Clark made me feel at ease. Such a sweetie! A number of my friends stopped by to support me at my first New York appearance too, so lots of drinking and fun was had.... as you can see from the video below. You can check out more pics on my Porno Bingo appearance, here.

After Porno Bingo was done, I had more drinks with friends at a place called 'Urge' on the east end. A lot of shots were done, I remember going up for some 'best ass' contest and after that, it's a complete blank. Apparently I won, shoved my penis in a drag queens face, and then had to be semi-carried home and put to bed. Damn, and that was just a Wednesday!

Thursday morning was rough.... I mean really, really fucking rough. I am too old to be drinking like that....ROUGH! Luckily my buddy Mac, gave me a shout and provided me with the tried and true remedy for a hangover. PUFF, PUFF! :) What an awesome bud!
Was able to get back to normal by mid-afternoon, in time with my shoot with Michael Alago. As I mentioned in my post before.... a really awesome photographer. Looking forward to shooting with him again during Folsom week in SF. Took some time after the shoot to wander the city, and find cool pizza places along the way. I love fucking PIZZA with a passion, and NYC has a lot of it!

Friday was a little more relaxed, with working out in the morning, and then taking the subway to Brooklyn to shoot with another photographer. He's pretty unknown right now, but trust me.... Adam Kozik will be on everyone's artistic radar soon enough. We had a great time shooting on the rooftop of his studio in Brooklyn, as well as doing some nudes inside. When I get photos I'll post them.... trust me. Decided after the shoot to try and just wander the city again. I'm not into tourist stuff, or into broadway shows, so mostly I just looked at architecture in the downtown core, did some shopping, and walked the Brooklyn Bridge. Cool shit, mofos! It rained a bit, which made it hard
to get around, but I didn't care. It was just great to be in New York. That evening I got together with my bud Bryan Slater for dinner, and we talked and talked industry..... He's a wonderful person to have intellectual conversation with, and one of the few (nerdy) porn stars I get. Nerdy HOT sticks together! Later that night I went to meet friends in Time Square for drinks and a bit of dancing, and we had a pretty good time at 'Vibe'. Hot as a fuck in there.... but we got our groove on nonetheless.

Saturday was extra chill, getting up and making breakfast with my friend Matt, hanging, working out, napping, and then smoking up with Mac again in the afternoon. Love that weed! That night went out to sushi, and then partying all over town at a number of places, before arriving at Splash. All in all, a pretty good time in New York.... I look forward to the next time to get really crazy!