Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nominated Best Top, for Blatino Awards!

The Blatino Awards are happening September 5th, in Atlanta... and yours truly has been nominated for best top! Fucking-A! I unfortunately won't be able to make this event, since I'll be in Toronto shooting at that time... but if I could give an acceptance speech it would go something like this.... "I want to thank you... All of my fans for your support, and acknowledgement of my HARD work and dedication to dicking some po' boi down. But there's been someone who I need to thank overall.... some one who's been there ever since the beginning. I share this award... with my good friend WEED! Weed, where are you? Take a bow!" Camera shows a pot of cannabis, with some comatose people sitting around it, smoking. Fade to black.


  1. Race, you are (cough, cough, wheeeze!) too much (hack, wheeze, cough, exxxhale!), fella.