Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Record! 4 shoots in 4 days.

I had just finished shooting for 3 days straight in Toronto, and was on my way back to San Francisco when I started getting a number of calls on my cell. The first number looked recognizable, but wasn't programmed into my contact list. Hmmmm. The rates for using my phone were outrageous every time I crossed the border in Canada. Better to let them leave a message and see who called later. Besides, I had just had an enormous bill from my stay at the hotel. Really? Charges for local calls?!? Fuck. I relaxed in the cab, and lost myself in the music of my iPhone, staring out the cab window as the highway billboards called out to BUY ME! Another call. Looking at the number, I didn't recognize it. Oh well. A third call.... okay, that's weird. Someone is really trying to reach me. I looked at my voicemail. Nothing. Out of the U.S., I wouldn't get my messages until I was in American territory.

I put it out of my mind once I arrived at the airport, a little pissed off that the cabbie didn't help me with my luggage. Fucker. Got my boarding pass, and was filling out my customs card, when I got the text message.... It was from the talent department at, asking if I was available tomorrow for a shoot. I guessed that's who was trying to call me. Love those guys there, so good at communication. I messaged back and told them 'yes'. But I was worried the text message didn't go through, when I didn't see a reply. Went through customs and while I was waiting at the gate decided I'd swallow the bitter pill, and use my cell to call. Good thing I did, 'cause they didn't receive the text. Turns out they had someone flake on a shoot, and needed me to replace him. They also told me my scene partner
would be Alessio Romero..... YAY!!!!

Alessio and I have become very close friends for awhile, but we never got to do a shoot together. Until now. How awesome is that? Waking up this morning, I contacted him and we met up at the gym to workout together, then had 6 hours of extreme sex with me dominating him. We have really great chemistry.... which is like "duh", since we're friends.... and I was shocked at how much I came on him. Especially considering the amount of times I've cum over the last few days. Our scene is seriously fucking HAWT! Check out to see us fuck.... I'll post it on the blog when it's available. After the shoot, Alessio came over to my place and had dinner that I cooked for him. Seems only reasonable after I beat the hell out of him, and fucked him stupid, no?