Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rain doesn't dampen Angel Town

Just finished a weekend in L.A., and despite the full torrents of rain and cloud, I had a great time! Didn't have any work stuff to do here, just thought it would be cool to join my buds Samuel Colt and Tony Aziz with an appearance at Cocktails with the Stars, and get better acquainted with Los Angeles with none of that whoring getting in the way. ;-) Highlights of the trip were of course hanging with Tony and Samuel, with us all staying with Alessio Romero and SilverFox. Had a great time at Cocktails meeting Scotty Boardman and some very sweet fans. The next morning I cooked breakfast for our brood. Don't mind being the kitchen bitch, since I enjoy cooking. Went to MJ's for the Raging Stallion release of Focus/Refocus and got to meet up with good friends Scott Tanner, Cole Streets, David Taylor, Jeremy Bilding, Chi Chi LaRue, GPcrush and more. We helped GPCrush celebrate her birthday, gotta love that girl! The highlight of my trip was my friend Steven Blank taking me to the special effects company he works for..... I majorly geeked out on stuff from Terminator, Avatar and the upcoming Thor movie. HOLY SHIT THAT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! Made some great connections on this trip with people at the UnZipped office, and other people in the adult industry. Couldn't have asked for a more complete weekend. :)

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