Monday, January 25, 2010

Jack Manly Interview / Pornapalooza weekend

Just finished a great weekend hanging out with a whole bunch of porn stars. Saturday night, went to the Upper Floor Live porn Party for, with Alessio Romero. Had some fun, fucking some subs.... if you missed it, I'm sure you can go check out the site to see the archive. Right after that, Alessio and I hightailed it to the Pornstar Party, where I go-go danced with fellow pornstars J.R. Matthews and Tristan Jaxx. Had a blast! Next day had lunch with my buddies Nick Moretti and Alessio Romero, as well as new friends Drake Jaden, and Tyler Saint... Sometimes I have to pinch myself, when I'm hanging around all of these hot guys...... WTF???

Today, I woke up to see that the interview with Jack Manly had been posted on their blog. Sweet! It has some great quotes on my thoughts of the industry, after my first year. Here's an excerpt to enjoy:

JM: It looks like you have fun on the site and in your movies and other website appearances. Totally uninhibited & sexually joyful. Would you say that's an accurate reflection of you in real life?

RC: Pretty much. I learned a long time ago that life is short. So, I try to enjoy it to the fullest, and when I'm being filmed in the moment... I'm there. I've always been a sexual person, and kinda crazy when it comes to leaping head first into stuff sexually. So, after knocking down the porn door, there's really no stopping me.

JM: There's a definite energy in your work. In Dirty! you & Ty LeBeouf look like you had such a good time. How does a scene that turns out so well work? Was there a script or were you just told to go for it?

RC: Steve and Leif gave us a few guidelines for what they wanted in the scene.... but most of it Ty and ad-libbed. I've had a porn crush on Ty for a long time... so there were a few things I wanted to do with besides just fucking and sucking. I think I mentioned to Steve that we should be drinking beer, and that I should have a 40 ounce. I knew sooner or later we'd have to take a piss... and I really wanted to drink Ty's.