Monday, January 11, 2010

The Incredible Cooper!

Had a great shoot for yesterday, with my bud Tony Aziz, and newcomer Christopher Venice. Tony and I take turns roughing the kid up, and fucking him together. Should be pretty fucking awesome! But that's not the best of it..... As we're shooing in the warehouse I have access to, we got locked in the stairwell. With all of our equipment and stuff, still inside.... the only option we had was for me to try to jump up to a fire escape, and run up the 7 flights to an open window. Was fucking glad, that I'm in shape, and could pull myself up with only having two hands on a low hanging bar! Spidey Power! Crisis averted.

Also, I had a photo shoot on Saturday with friends for the Nasty! fundriaser. My girl Suzan Revah, and her boyfriend Graig, came up with a sweet idea for a wrestling demo night. Once we started hashing it out.... the end result was nothing short of genuis! Check out the poster for the upcoming event, and if you happen to be in San Francisco that weekend, you definitely don't want to miss it.

Speaking of wrestling, I'm on deck today for Naked Kombat. My competitor, is sexy Trey
Turner. The boy has some skills, so I'll have to keep myself sharp.... Glad I've been training lately. Wish me luck! I'll fill you guys in tomorrow on what happened. Right now, I gotta get on the superpower suit..... No rest for the Incredible Cooper! ;-)