Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bacon Donuts!!!!

Politically it would make more sense for me to be a vegetarian, if it weren't for the fact that pigs were born to be so fucking delicious!! There's a place in L.A., called the Nickle Dime Diner that goes the extra step, and combines that sumptuous bacon with a perfectly glazed donut! A small porn gang of us have been jonesing for them, every since Alessio Romero introduced us to the Bacon Donut on our last visit in Los Angeles. It was definitely worth the wait. YUMMY!!! As you can see, Samuel Colt and I enjoyed our Bacon Donuts very much, as seen below by our bacon donut coma. All I can say is, who ever made this idea up, is a fucking genius! There's been a new trend in cooking, for deserts to be made with bacon; from bacon cakes, to bacon cookies. You can even check out a whole culture surrounded by bacon at! Fucking awesome! Bacon, it brings being a pig to a whole new level!


  1. That is fantastically disgusting. lol. ewww

  2. Porn stars eating bacon donuts?!? My mind just imploded. Can somebody please dedicate a website to porn stars eating bacon donuts.