Friday, March 12, 2010

An explosion of visual genius!!!

Nothing is hotter than fucking and pissing on Drake Jaden..... NOTHING!!! After spending the day together, going to Alcatraz, lunch and general goofing off, Drake and I spent yesterday shooting the new watersports movie for Raging Stallion. HAWT!!! I think this might be my new favorite shoot! Seriously, we had a blast! And a dribble. And a spray. And more Blasting!!!! The scene takes place in a bar restroom, where both Drake and I take aim on one another, rain down and suck that golden goodness, and then flip-fuck each other HARD! Can't wait for this scene to come out! :) Got to express my thanks to Tony DiMarco and everyone at Raging Stallion, it was a pleasure to work with them all... and soooo long overdue.