Monday, March 15, 2010

I've got Gingeritis!

For those that know me, it's no real groundbreaking revelation, that I'm a fan of the redheads. I don't know what it is..... might have to do with my best friend as a kid who was a redhead, or the fact that when
I'm next to a ginger, I always feel a little bit blacker. Yeah, their skin may be translucent, and they probably don't have souls.... but I find them fucking HAWT!!! I always have an on going list of hot gingers I want to fuck.... Prince Harry be damned.... I will
HAVE him one day!!! So, of
course my head exploded when Raging Stallion showed me pictures of my scene partner, I'll be shooting with next week. HOLY SHIT!!! Ryan Patrick is new to the porn world, but someone must really like me at Raging.... because he's everything I want to fuck! YES! YES! YES!!!!