Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TLA's Best Newcomer!

TLA known for distributing the world of DVD porn, and DVD Gay media in general, has decided this year to have their own awards.... and part of the list of 'Favorite Newcomers'.... ME!!!!! RACE COOPER!!! More than that, I'm in very good company, since I know a lot of the other guys on the list personally. The 'Favorite Newcomers' include besides myself (Race Cooper), Samuel Colt, Conner Habib, David Taylor, J.R. Matthews, Bruno Bond, Vince Ferrelli, Paul Wagner, Mitchell Rock, and Landon Conrad. Holy HOTNESS!!! Got to give kudos to the other guys in my category, any one of them could be the best newcomer..... but deep down.... I just want you to vote for Race Cooper. If I highlight my name enough, in this blog post.... it'll happen right?