Friday, March 26, 2010

Need a ride, Ms. Daisy?

My fourth Nasty poster to date.... and I'm enjoying every minute of it! The Nasty gang put together this concept of me as the limo driver, with Nasty Girl - Suzan Revah, and Drag Queen - Donna Sachet! HOT! We had a blast while shooting it.... and only a little drunk with the champagne in the back of the limo. Hats go off to photographer Michael Smith for putting it all together. Looking forward to the next Nasty fundraiser. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spanish Pig is a tasty dish!

I've learned very few words in the spanish language, besides 'whore' and 'bitch'.... but luckily I'll be able to apply them with my next scene partner. New Spanish, hairy-hottie, David Novack.... is coming to America, and I get to shoot with him! OINK! YUM! My cock is dreaming about turning his hole out, right now! Love the guys at Raging Stallion for letting me have at him! ;-)~

Monday, March 15, 2010

I've got Gingeritis!

For those that know me, it's no real groundbreaking revelation, that I'm a fan of the redheads. I don't know what it is..... might have to do with my best friend as a kid who was a redhead, or the fact that when
I'm next to a ginger, I always feel a little bit blacker. Yeah, their skin may be translucent, and they probably don't have souls.... but I find them fucking HAWT!!! I always have an on going list of hot gingers I want to fuck.... Prince Harry be damned.... I will
HAVE him one day!!! So, of
course my head exploded when Raging Stallion showed me pictures of my scene partner, I'll be shooting with next week. HOLY SHIT!!! Ryan Patrick is new to the porn world, but someone must really like me at Raging.... because he's everything I want to fuck! YES! YES! YES!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

An explosion of visual genius!!!

Nothing is hotter than fucking and pissing on Drake Jaden..... NOTHING!!! After spending the day together, going to Alcatraz, lunch and general goofing off, Drake and I spent yesterday shooting the new watersports movie for Raging Stallion. HAWT!!! I think this might be my new favorite shoot! Seriously, we had a blast! And a dribble. And a spray. And more Blasting!!!! The scene takes place in a bar restroom, where both Drake and I take aim on one another, rain down and suck that golden goodness, and then flip-fuck each other HARD! Can't wait for this scene to come out! :) Got to express my thanks to Tony DiMarco and everyone at Raging Stallion, it was a pleasure to work with them all... and soooo long overdue.

The Rock.

San Francisco is a really touristy town, but sometimes you can have fun with the tourist. Case in point - Drake Jaden asking me to go on a tour with him in the morning, to Alcatraz. It was weird to be up that early, but doing it with Drake made it easy.... especially since we had fun mocking the other tourists. I think we scared a European chick a bit, when we asked her to take a picture of us in a jail cell, and then proceeded to do a prison fucking scenario. :) The tour itself was okay, but Drake and I kept looking at different areas of the prison, and imagining porn scenes being shot there. Hot stuff! Here's a pleasant picture from our trip.... Drake has the 'prison bitch' picture on his camera.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TLA's Best Newcomer!

TLA known for distributing the world of DVD porn, and DVD Gay media in general, has decided this year to have their own awards.... and part of the list of 'Favorite Newcomers'.... ME!!!!! RACE COOPER!!! More than that, I'm in very good company, since I know a lot of the other guys on the list personally. The 'Favorite Newcomers' include besides myself (Race Cooper), Samuel Colt, Conner Habib, David Taylor, J.R. Matthews, Bruno Bond, Vince Ferrelli, Paul Wagner, Mitchell Rock, and Landon Conrad. Holy HOTNESS!!! Got to give kudos to the other guys in my category, any one of them could be the best newcomer..... but deep down.... I just want you to vote for Race Cooper. If I highlight my name enough, in this blog post.... it'll happen right?

Monday, March 1, 2010

These are Black Facts. (21-28)

Black Fact #21 - Rarely will you see black people go to see horror movies in the theater. Something about tempting fate. If you hear someone say, "Dude, did you see how easily he killed that black person first?" Chances are you're at a horror flick, and everyone's eyeing the lone negro eating popcorn.

Black Fact #21 - Rarely will you see black people go to see horror movies in the theater. Something about tempting fate. If you hear someone say, "Dude, did you see how easily he killed that black person first?" Chances are you're at a horror flick, and everyone's eyeing the lone negro eating popcorn.

Black Fact #22 - It's no secret that black people love to hear themselves talk. They are masters in oratory skills! Preachers, presidents, and black chicks speaking loudly on their cell phones on the bus... they want you to listen to them. It would literally kill them, if they couldn't talk. "Did you hear about Mr. Jackson dying? Yeah, death by vow of silence. Crying shame."

Black Fact #23 - A round butt is a magnet for black people. Even if you have never talked to a black person, your round butt already has. It's bought that black person a drink from across the bar, made out with them, fucked them, and made them breakfast in the morning... So, don't be surprised if the black person puts their hand down your crack, before saying hello to you.

Black Fact #24 - Black people love to say the n-word. LOVE IT! But like so many things that we love, we were afraid of white people copying us (see music., culture, fashion) and starting to say it too.... So we told them it was 'racist', and made them say 'african-american' instead. Genius, huh?

Black Fact #25 - The black nod, is not just a salutation, but for us to indicate who we can count on in a black emergency. We never know when we'll be rounded up again, and we want to be READY!

Black Fact #26 - Fried Chicken is a staple of the black diet. It is one of the five food groups. BBQ Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Jerk Chicken and Rotisserie are the others. If you are a black person denying yourself Fried Chicken, you will be cursed... and everything will taste like chicken anyway.

Black Fact #27 - Dreadlocks is just a hairstyle to black people. It doesn't have that much of the culture surrounding it.... so don't ask us for weed on the street. We don't have any for you. Now, that white dude with dreadlocks, who smells funky, and is giving out pamphlets on saving a political prisoner.... HE HAS WEED!!!

Black Fact #28 - Being black is exhausting! Glad I can go back to being Canadian now..... Yay, for whooping American ass! :)

Oink Alert! Race Cooper vs Trey Turner!

Trey Turner got his ass whooped! I had to fucking redeem myself after Brenn mopped the floor with me.... So you get to see all the hot action on Naked Kombat! I'm always shocked when I get paired with kids that are younger than me.... not like Trey is a fetus, but I am older than him by at least 11 years. Turns out that experience beats youth on this one..... enjoy the oil match!