Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This little piggy squealed... OINK ALERT!

Hey Piglets, I'm proud to announce the second installment of Edger9 on DVD is available... "HARD EDGE!!!" Starring myself along with Wilfried Knight and Mark Williams... this shit is hot! I mean steaming! I get fucked by some massive dick on this, as well as fuck some fresh meat for your pleasure too. Also, available for those of you that need a helping hand of more filth, 'cause your appetites just ain't satisfied... is my new fisting flick "Fist My Gaping Hole". I have a wicked cool scene fisting European fist bottom Ashley Ryder. Man, it was cool cramming my arm up that little guy... I felt like Jim Hensen! Check it out on the sidebar to buy... or at your neighborhood smutty-filth store.