Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Best Dressed Award

Hey Piglets, just got back from the Grabbys... and I had tons of fun, hanging with my porn peeps. I won Best Ethnic Movie for Steamworks.... YAY! Which is pretty sweet, since none of us working on it, thought of it as an ethnic movie. Now piglets.... because you know I'm a fashion whore, it's not surprising that I took the opportunity to get a fashion designer friend of mine, to design something slutty for me.... and I'm glad I did. People really liked my take on slutty-english-gentleman... which others described as Slutty Clockwork Orange, or Slutty Cabaret.... Whatever. They liked seeing me show my ass! Which surpisingly enough was the only ass that was shown off that night. Chicago's decency laws are so weird. Especially taking into account people can ride motorcycles with no helmet. I mean, where the fuck is the decency in heads squashed like melons on hard pavement in a traffic accident? HUH?? Anyways, here's some pics from the weekend (Grabbys photos courtesy of T-ball). Enjoy!


  1. That was the definition of "flawless ensemble." =)

  2. Love the pics!!! And your sense of humor. You said "Slutty Cabaret"!! Congrads on your win for Steamworks.