Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting bored with the rain.

Jezus!!! It's been raining like crazy here on the west coast, especially around the bay.  I mean I know it sounds like a croc-o-shit to be complaining about rain (especailly when most of the country has to deal with freezing tempertatures, and that stuff that makes their shoes dirty with salt stains),  but I'm getting really tired of holding an umbrella or wearing a hoodie constantly.  On top of it, my umbrella broke and I have to get another one.  Today there's a break from it, but there's supposed to be more on the way tonight.  Ugh!   Can't do much outside, and I'm really bored with watching TV.  Had some fun on the weekend for a short bit with friends and went bowling.... but I fucking need some sunshine!!!!  Can you tell I'm a beach person? 

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