Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awards shows are boring.... but the parties aren't!

The GAYVN's are coming to San Francisco this week.  Hmmmm.... I'm not terribly excited about the event, since I don't really have a reason to be there.  I'm not nominated in anything, and although a few of my friends are nominated and I'd like to be there to support them... I find the prospect of sitting through the entire event an ordeal.  Why do I find them boring?  I guess it comes from my background of working in television.  While working my way as a lowly assistant to television producer, I always thought that the self-congratulatory "pat myself on the back" system of doling out awards didn't make any sense.  Inherently if you're getting awards from those in your own industry, and not from the fans, you fall prey to a system of politics and backroom sucking up.   I'm not saying that's what happens at the GAYVN'S, but in my experience of producing awards shows, and working awards shows, it seems to be the running law of the land.   I also, can't say there are any awards moments that stand out in my memory, as changing society or society's views of celebrity as well.  Maybe I've always felt that if you going to put out a pulpit, then maybe that pulpit should be for honoring the fans and public, rather than yourself.  I'm betting, I'm not the only one who feels this way....  So, I'm passing up the opportunity to sit through boring speeches, and instead joining my friends Nick Moretti, and Conner Habib at the tailgate parties.... I'm sure the three of us, and some other friends will get into loads of trouble. :)