Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The only thing that makes me wet, more than porn....

I'm a geek, and I know it.  I love sci-fi and comic books, and I guess a part of me never grew up.  
But then again... why the fuck should I??  So, I've been looking at the new Star Trek movie site all day... and shit does it look good.  I'm not one for waiting in line at the movie theatre much.... but THIS is worth it!!!! OMG!!!!  


  1. Well, I hope we can one day get a pic of you in a Star Trek shirt. The pics of the model wearing those shirts... hot. But not as hot as you.

  2. Okay - no matter how often I watch this - gets me moist each and every time.... oy vey.

    Nice blog you have here Mr Cooper.


  3. Hey! Cant wait for the movie my self! Im doing a segment on Space as Toronto's resident Trekspert!
    Will be seeing the movie day 1!