Friday, July 10, 2009

Instant Replay - Naked Kombat

So I know you're all wondering what happened.... So I'm going to sum it up for ya. When I asked Van Darkholme to find me someone who could fight.... he certainly did. Dak Ramsey is one tough motherfucker! We're evenly matched in strength and power.... so there were a lot of dead locks in the first round. By the second round, I started to have to hone in on a strategy to either tire him out, or get him into really tight holds to punch his gut (He had eaten a sandwich earlier, and was taking on a lot of water from his bottle). Round three - I got him on the edge, with some leg squeezes and full nelsons, that made him tap out twice..... after that Dak's ass was mine.

There are bound to be some that are going to look at this fight, and not get why we're deadlocked a lot...... The only analogy I can give you is that it was like two rams with locked horns. With Dak holding 15 pounds over me, a massive frame for 5'9".... it was difficult to get any tactical advantage, when he equals you in strength and is ruthless from his time in prison. I really had to rely a lot on my high school training, and my very tough coach's
lessons on trying to stay focused. Which I got to tell you, isn't easy when you're tired,
sweaty, and your muscles are sore from having to fight. This wasn't that fake WWE shit. This was real. There is no script. I gotta give kudos to Dak for being a great competitor. He really gave me a run for my money, and more than that....he's an awesome guy to talk to. Now that I'm 1-0 on Naked Kombat..... I'm ready for more. BRING IT!!!


  1. Congratulations. I was going to suggest in the last thread that if you wanted someone to wrestle - I'd volunteer. I'll even give you a good fight, and then ensure that I lost in the end ;)

  2. CONGRATS!!!! I knew you could do it. Just like I said: Brawn AND Brains. Your ability to focus and work through the pain and exhaustion clearly gave you the edge you needed. Now, what I want to know is: What happened next? How many times and in which positions? Did he beg for mercy or squeal and moan and ask for more? How tight was that pig bottom? (You get the idea, I know.) We are counting on you for FULL DISCLOSURE.

  3. Congratulations! Glad you survived. I'm also 1-0 at Naked Kombat but that number will NOT be changing. Damn nearly got myself killed in my match with Tyler Saint. Looking forward to seeing the video.
    XO - Nick