Monday, July 27, 2009

West Coast meets East Coast

I'm starting to think that my travel bag is going to get more and more use soon.... I've started booking promotional and work trips now as a Porn Star. I knew that at some point this would happen, but really didn't think it would be happening this quickly. Afterall, its only been about 6 months since I started. Still, I'm excited to get out on the road, meet more people, promote Edger9 and hopefully make more connections for work with studios and photographers. In late August , I've booked a small promotional tour in New York City, and then in early September have a work/pleasure trip in my hometown Toronto. Being raised on the east coast, it's going to be a familiar feeling dealing with the hustle and bustle.... but now that I've grown up, settled down, and calmed the fuck down on the west coast... maybe the experience will be different. If you see me out, say hello.... can't wait to hang out with my peeps on the east!

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  1. East or west, there are never, ever enough sexy men.