Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Photos from Mark Jenkins!

I shot some black and white photos with the photographer Mark Jenkins at the end of May, and have finally gotten some proofs to share....
Mark is an expert in lighting.... Damn, that fucking looks goooood!!!! Many usually wonder what's my connection to photos.... I mean for someone who's just started in porn... I seem to have a good idea of what my best angles are. All I can say is, thanks to my older brother... I've gotten a ton of experience in front of the camera (he studied photography in college, and forced me to be his subject matter). Yet, even though I've been modeling since I was 17. There's always more to learn.

This was my first shoot with water indoor.... and while that may seem like an easy task..... It can be difficult to keep
constant eye contact with the camera, while you try to breath through water and lights are blinding you. I'll post some more pictures at a later time.... but I'm glad I understand composition from my own study of art, film and video in university... Otherwise, I wouldn't have the patience for trying to push myself in every photo experience. To check out more of Mark's photos,click here. Oh BTW, Today I'm officially at my 6 month mark of doing porn... and things have been fucking awesome! YAY for me!!! :)


  1. That second photo of you is divine. Simply gorgeous photos.

    I'd hit it. ;@)

  2. Great models usually take great pictures. I like #3. Motion shots are tough to get right and this one is very right. I also like that your eyes are closed, creating a dream-like quality to an otherwise conventional type of pose. Thanks for sharing.