Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool Interview on MOC Blog!

Just did an interview with Men Of Color Blog a few days ago, and it's already on the site! Nice. We talked about what I was like in high school, why I do gay porn rather than straight, and my decision to start Edger9.com..... coool stuff! To check out the whole interview, click here. Here's an excerpt from the conversation:

MOC: Well, there's fewer opportunities as you age but it's a bigger deal that you're black. I want to talk for a bit about your new website. Would you do the honors?

RC: I didn't have much intention of starting a site, or producing porn when I began in the business but the more I talked to people, and the more I shot with other studios, it made sense to carve my own path, without someone else becoming the narrator for how people saw me, or what I could be capable of. Edger9.com came out of talks with my friends, and coming up with a fantasy world that I could create for my stage name. Having a new fascination with cars, having a website that focused on a storyline of cars and hot sex, seemed easy. I started with my name, thought of what my character would be doing, and what obstacles could be presented for him to overcome, that would make the story interesting and a story of limo driver for a sham software company, working for the Mexican Cartel was born. Maybe I was watching Jason Stratham, when I dreamt it up. He's fucking HOT!

MOC: Did it occur to you that there really wasn't anything else like this - I'll call it serial porn - and that you were carving a new path?

RC: I think I had a small inclination but really what I had done, had been done before in movies in the 70's and 80's. It just hadn't been divided up as episodes, and put on the Internet. It was like making something old, new again. And I thought if there was any time that innovation in porn was needed, it's NOW.


  1. You know Race this is one of my favourite photos ofyou. STRIKING. your bod is in TIP TOP SHAPE.