Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Honky" is spelled with a "Y" / Dirty! Reviews

A few things to show you on the net today.... First, The Sword posted a story on my earlier post on Blackballed 7 and my "Aunt Jemima" costume from last year. Glad they get my twisted sense of humor, and the irony of putting racial deconstruction with a racial stereotype isn't lost on them. Laughed my ass off when I saw that! Thanks Naked Sword! But just for clarification.... "Honky" is spelled with a 'Y'. ;-)

Second, the Dirty! reviews are in.... and they are so fucking good! Jack Manly states, "Ty LeBeouf and Race Cooper have such chemistry together that you'd think you were watching their home movies as real life boyfriends." Martin Cox of ManNet also adds, "It doesn't get any more hot redneck than this, with guys like Race Cooper and Ty LeBeouf actually drinking beer out of a six-pack on a dirty, nasty couch sitting right on the bare ground in front of their trailer." You can check out both reviews on Steve Cruz's blog or on their respective sites. Swweeeettt!!!!

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