Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gettin' psyched for Halloween!

It's not surprising for anyone who knows me, but for those who don't.... I have a pretty twisted sense of humor. Also, I don't like to take myself too seriously. I mean.... where the fuck is the fun in that??? So, obviously Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Not just because I have an enormous sweet tooth (my husband has to hide candy from me sometimes), but because it's an opportunity to be truly creative, funny, freaky, scary, or convey a message.... without saying a word. This year is going to be awesome! Not just because Halloween falls on a weekend, but because I have a couple of events to dress up and go to. Queens Are Wild is a fundraiser for Stop AIDS Project, in which I'll be dealing black jack, and be a celebrity guest. Also, I'll be at Pornstar the following evening, shaking my thang. Both are sure to be awesome, and I started planning my costumes a month in advance.... this is how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I got such a strong reaction from last year's outfit (pictured here).... I had to work really hard on this year's. Hopefully, I'll see you around the Castro or downtown.... if you recognize me, say hello!