Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oink Alert! on and Gettin' Stuffed!

Two things to point out to my piglets today.... the new video of myself and Bryan Slater is available on This is a hot, balls to the wall, flip-fuck of epic proportions.... I mean Bryan and I really broke a sweat on each other! HAWT! So, go check it out right now on Edger9! I've included the trailer to get your meat hard in the meantime....
In other news, I almost forgot it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. The more I'm away from my homeland, the more I forget about Canuck stuff.... not good. I'll have to drown myself in maple syrup, and listen to Celine Dion as penance. ;-) I was also surfing the internet, and ran across an ad of myself for Steamworks, that helped jog my memory. Totally forgot that the other model (Justin) and I did this pose.... since we shot it months ago. Yeah, we had fun that day! So, just in case I didn't titilate you enough.... here ya go! Thanksgiving, Canada style.


  1. Man-oh-man, do I want that ass of yours, Race!