Friday, October 30, 2009

Oink Alert! BDSM scene with Sam Swift on Edger9!

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I get the shit beat out of me.... and fucked like crazy, in the newest scene on Edger9. Got to work with hot Canadian bad boy, Sam Swift... and our chemistry is crazy HOT! Check out all the piggy goodness, here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rough Gods vs. Race Cooper

The great Michael Alago sent me pictures today, from our shoot earlier this year in NYC, with some new pictures he's added to the Rough Gods site. Sweet!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Minstrel Man is coming....

For those that know me, they know that I would never intentionally try to hurt anyone. The only thing I've always wanted to do is help people, and to entertain. I might push boundaries at the same time... but I've always been the class clown. I discovered the power of seeing people laugh and smile, at a young age, and I was hooked. With learning what was funny, and what wasn't over the years... I've come to understand that before you can make fun of other people, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Which is why I don't tend to take myself too seriously.... I just can't. It's not in my DNA. When I came up with last year's Halloween costume, it was exactly in that vein. Try to make people laugh, and don't take yourself so seriously, that you can't do drag. Everybody last year, got the joke. I had some hesitation, thinking that fellow African-American's might not get the statement I was making, in how far we've come. However, even black people I saw on the street, loved it; and tried to grab my pancakes.

Coming up with this year's idea, I knew I might need to push a boundary, but with a response so great to "Aunt Jemima", what could I do? And like a bolt of lightning... it came to me. The Minstrel. Certainly the concept of a black person, doing black face, might give people pause... but when you think about it.... it's still kinda funny. As I started applying the make-up, my mind traveled back to the African-American studies I had as a kid. I was well aware of the concepts of 'Jim-Crow', even at the age of 8. The pictures and early films I saw of the white concept of black culture were disturbing, because of their ignorance. As I greatly exaggerated my lip-line in the mirror... slowly that feeling started to evaporate. The image looking back at me was ridiculous, and the more make-up I applied... the less the images of history started to sting. Because as I went through the motions... more than anything, I wasn't mocking black people, but more the stupidity and ignorance of what the white-concept of being black was. Ironic, yes..... but definitely a joke that I though black people will get. I mean if we can laugh at Dave Chapelle, pretending to be a blind black person in a KKK suit.... could my costume be that insulting in this day and age? Apparently so. Shortly after arriving at Queens Are Wild, I had to be talked to by the director of 'Stop AIDS Project', and the manager of the venue, because one of the other black staff people had become upset with my costume. To try to explain to that person that was upset, would be futile. He just didn't get it. And rather than take myself too seriously, I agreed with the club manager's request to remove my make-up.

So, what have we learned? America is a complex place, where sometimes it's okay to make fun of your own cultural history... and sometimes it isn't. That no matter how far black people have come in terms of captains of industry, invention, society, and position, they can still cry foul in the future, when confronted by someone from their own culture, with a different point of view. Yeah, seems weird to me. I wasn't upset when I had to take it off.... if anything... it made me laugh. I shared the laugh with my friends, who know me, during the rest of the event... and as we went for a bite to eat afterward. A thought that struck me was this. Have we become so heady in our thoughts of black culture, that we have to erase everything from a darker history in time? There's a lesson that we had in my class, that stuck to me. It's not the name calling or the images of minstrels that hurt us in earlier centuries.... it was the intention behind it. The intention to keep us as buffoonish jokes, or to strike fear into our hearts and into our community was there.... but it didn't work. We're still here, moving forward, carving our place in the human existence... and history has dictated that we are more than black-face players, singing happy mammy songs, with slapstick antics. So, as a reminder.... of the stupidity and ignorance of by-gone era.... I'll be bringing the Minstrel Man back for Halloween night. Sorry, if some people don't understand who I'm mocking.... but if you have to explain a joke, it kinda takes away from the laughter.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Honky" is spelled with a "Y" / Dirty! Reviews

A few things to show you on the net today.... First, The Sword posted a story on my earlier post on Blackballed 7 and my "Aunt Jemima" costume from last year. Glad they get my twisted sense of humor, and the irony of putting racial deconstruction with a racial stereotype isn't lost on them. Laughed my ass off when I saw that! Thanks Naked Sword! But just for clarification.... "Honky" is spelled with a 'Y'. ;-)

Second, the Dirty! reviews are in.... and they are so fucking good! Jack Manly states, "Ty LeBeouf and Race Cooper have such chemistry together that you'd think you were watching their home movies as real life boyfriends." Martin Cox of ManNet also adds, "It doesn't get any more hot redneck than this, with guys like Race Cooper and Ty LeBeouf actually drinking beer out of a six-pack on a dirty, nasty couch sitting right on the bare ground in front of their trailer." You can check out both reviews on Steve Cruz's blog or on their respective sites. Swweeeettt!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gettin' psyched for Halloween!

It's not surprising for anyone who knows me, but for those who don't.... I have a pretty twisted sense of humor. Also, I don't like to take myself too seriously. I mean.... where the fuck is the fun in that??? So, obviously Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Not just because I have an enormous sweet tooth (my husband has to hide candy from me sometimes), but because it's an opportunity to be truly creative, funny, freaky, scary, or convey a message.... without saying a word. This year is going to be awesome! Not just because Halloween falls on a weekend, but because I have a couple of events to dress up and go to. Queens Are Wild is a fundraiser for Stop AIDS Project, in which I'll be dealing black jack, and be a celebrity guest. Also, I'll be at Pornstar the following evening, shaking my thang. Both are sure to be awesome, and I started planning my costumes a month in advance.... this is how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I got such a strong reaction from last year's outfit (pictured here).... I had to work really hard on this year's. Hopefully, I'll see you around the Castro or downtown.... if you recognize me, say hello!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Miss Revah, if you're NASTY!

Well, once again I'm in a poster for my girl Suzan Revah's fundraiser NASTY! The final looks pretty slick if I do say so myself, and I had a great time working with my girl, Suzan, Michael Smith (the photographer), and Jamaal the other model. If you're in town, be sure to check out this event at the Powerhouse. Otherwise, just enjoy the nasty picture here. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Black Balled 7.... theory of a gang-bang.

It's just recently been confirmed, so I'm pretty excited about getting to work on Chi Chi LaRue's latest Black Balled movie! I must admit that I did have reservations about being in the movie earlier. I wasn't sure if another gang-bang scenario of a whole bunch of black men on one white guy, did a disservice to men of color. From my perspective, putting black men in that situation only amplified the 'thug' look as sexual predators, essentially making us look like a pack of wolves, ready to devour some white lamb meat. I expressed my concerns with Chi Chi.... and rather then not acknowledging them, she listened to me. She also expressed that the Black Balled movies, showcased a lot of african-american talent, that other studios tended to overlook. It's a familiar argument, that was reflected in mainstream movies and television for decades. Even though the roles of blacks in film weren't more than inner-city gangs, and bit parts in period pieces as slaves.... at least there were roles. So, I had to admit the same in the porn industry.... even though it's not the best scenario, ultimately I have to applaud Chi Chi for constantly casting men of color, and bucking the trend of only sprinkling blacks in her productions, like chocolate chips in dough. I've watched other productions, with the reverse.... All white guys fucking a black guy..... and the connotation isn't the same. So, perhaps I'm reading too much into the color of people's skin. Rather than just seeing a fun little fuck-fest. Plus, as I've become more familiar to the industry of porn.... it is all about fantasy. If we hold porn to the same high standard that we do movies and television, then we should be fighting firstly, to see all porn recognized as such by the entertainment industry at large.... instead of being pushed to the back of the store. All in all, I've decided that doing this movie can be more than what people think it is. If guys want to get off on the black gang-bang, so be it.... I'll just look at it, as a whole bunch of men having fun, punching a prostate.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oink Alert! Butt Machine Challenge!!!!

So, over a month ago, Van Darkholm approached me at the gym, and asked me to do 'Butt Machine Boys'. I don't know what it is.... but something about getting fucked by a machine seemed unappealing. Maybe I've watched too many sci-fi movies, and keep thinking of that creepy HAL voice from 2001, while an android from Dr. Who fucks me, like he was compacting scrap metal. Creepy! So, I politely turned Mr. Darkholm down... Then he called me a pussy. "Oh, hell NO!", I said. There was no way I was gonna be labeled a pussy for not rising to a sex challenge! Although, when I think about it now... Isn't it stupid how I needed to prove my manhood, by getting fucked by a machine?? Oh, well. Here's the video..... fresh on the internet at Watch as I get skewered by an acrylic probe... (ACRYLIC??)... and then get pounded by a machine called 'Black Magic'.

Oink Alert! on and Gettin' Stuffed!

Two things to point out to my piglets today.... the new video of myself and Bryan Slater is available on This is a hot, balls to the wall, flip-fuck of epic proportions.... I mean Bryan and I really broke a sweat on each other! HAWT! So, go check it out right now on Edger9! I've included the trailer to get your meat hard in the meantime....
In other news, I almost forgot it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. The more I'm away from my homeland, the more I forget about Canuck stuff.... not good. I'll have to drown myself in maple syrup, and listen to Celine Dion as penance. ;-) I was also surfing the internet, and ran across an ad of myself for Steamworks, that helped jog my memory. Totally forgot that the other model (Justin) and I did this pose.... since we shot it months ago. Yeah, we had fun that day! So, just in case I didn't titilate you enough.... here ya go! Thanksgiving, Canada style.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool Interview on MOC Blog!

Just did an interview with Men Of Color Blog a few days ago, and it's already on the site! Nice. We talked about what I was like in high school, why I do gay porn rather than straight, and my decision to start coool stuff! To check out the whole interview, click here. Here's an excerpt from the conversation:

MOC: Well, there's fewer opportunities as you age but it's a bigger deal that you're black. I want to talk for a bit about your new website. Would you do the honors?

RC: I didn't have much intention of starting a site, or producing porn when I began in the business but the more I talked to people, and the more I shot with other studios, it made sense to carve my own path, without someone else becoming the narrator for how people saw me, or what I could be capable of. came out of talks with my friends, and coming up with a fantasy world that I could create for my stage name. Having a new fascination with cars, having a website that focused on a storyline of cars and hot sex, seemed easy. I started with my name, thought of what my character would be doing, and what obstacles could be presented for him to overcome, that would make the story interesting and a story of limo driver for a sham software company, working for the Mexican Cartel was born. Maybe I was watching Jason Stratham, when I dreamt it up. He's fucking HOT!

MOC: Did it occur to you that there really wasn't anything else like this - I'll call it serial porn - and that you were carving a new path?

RC: I think I had a small inclination but really what I had done, had been done before in movies in the 70's and 80's. It just hadn't been divided up as episodes, and put on the Internet. It was like making something old, new again. And I thought if there was any time that innovation in porn was needed, it's NOW.

Monday, October 5, 2009

What's in a name?

Well... actually.... a lot. Decided it was time to make my blog a little easier for people to remember, so the blog name has now changed to See? That was easier, huh? Still forwards to the old same blog, but now with the new name, I'll be able to add some cooler graphics to it. Sweet!

Friday, October 2, 2009

News you can use.

Yesterday I got a whole bunch of messages, to tell me to go get a copy of the Bay Area Reporter. It's our main queer political newspaper in San Francisco, so I had no idea what the story was about. Until I looked at the cover. Low and behold, a nice cover shot of me and Tony Aziz playing Twister was prominently displayed! Gotta love how I'm licking his nipple in the shot too! :) I'm kinda amazed with all the photos they had to choose, from Folsom Fair, Tony and I made it on the cover. Nice! Free Marketing!!!

In other news, San Francisco's 'Pornstar' event is back! And I'm part of the new line-up.... sweet! I'll be go-go dancing with fellow pornstars Damion Rios and Darren Summers, and the event will be hosted by the legendary Michael Brandon. Headlining with be a performance by Jeremy Bilding with music by DJ Escape.... one motherfucking HAWT night! Don't miss out piglets, as I whore myself on the go-go box, and be sure to bring lots of money to stuff in my shorts! :)