Saturday, February 13, 2010

Get your drink on.

Have a couple of things to show you today. First up, I have an event that I'm at tonight, in which I'm playing bartender for a good cause. My friend David M., who owns Chaps bar in San Francisco, wanted to have a birthday party where the proceeds go to AIDS Emergency Fund. Gotta love him! Inspired by his selfless birthday party, I had to volunteer myself to his soiree. If you're in the bay area, drop by tonight. And bring big bills for tipping! All tips go to the charity too!
Next up.... my friend Rick Cooper (Yes, I know another Cooper.... we seem to gravitate towards each other) and I did an impromptu photo shoot last week. (We were stoned.) But the great thing is... it turned out awesome! It's being used for an ad for another bar here in SF called The Powerhouse.... and I've been getting some great compliments on it this week. Never have looked so good, playing with myself. Enjoy!