Sunday, February 28, 2010

I get to taste his pee!

Sorry, it's been awhile since I posted last.... AT&T sucks, and I was having issues with my landline and thusly internet service at home. Can't really blog on my smartphone.... sucks to edit that way, but now I can share the important news! Just got confirmation from Raging Stallion, that I'm doing a water-sports fuck scene with Drake Jaden!!! YAY!!! Fucking HAWT! He's been one of my porn crushes for awhile, but more than that, I got to hang out with him the last time he was in SF.... and he's totally cool. We're actually going to take the day before our shoot, to hang and go do some touristy stuff around San Francisco that he's been longing to do, but hasn't had the time. So be prepared for some pictures to come! More than that, be prepared for an all out fuck fest! I mean, Jesus! He's fucking hot, and we've been wanting to do something together ever since we met.... so it's going to be great to get that raw attraction on film. I'm sooooooo excited! FUCK!!!

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