Saturday, June 13, 2009

Freaky Friday! Cue the scary music...

It started as one of those normal days.... end of the week, and I was finally feeling better from getting over a cold.  But already at 10 a.m. I had the feeling I was cursed.  I was getting things organized for the shoot yesterday for Edger9.  It was just a solo of me, and wouldn't require that much preparation, but I usually try to get everything prepared anyway.  As I was going through the itinerary of the shoot that day, I remembered I hadn't checked my account online in awhile.  I was floored by the overdraft that was there.... WTF???  Somehow a withdrawal was taken from my account for a subscription that I had cancelled for a research site.  I freaked out.  Scrambling I fired off some emails to the site, asking why my subscription hadn't been cancelled and where the fuck was my money!!!!  I looked at the clock after this electronic tirade.... FUCK!  I'm late.  

I rushed out of the door with the camera equipment and met up with my biz partners for the drive to Santa Cruz.  We got on the road a little later than scheduled, but we were making good time... until we hit Highway 17.  Then.... Gridlock.  Sitting in traffic for an hour and a half, didn't go well.... I was already low on gas, and didn't know how the fuck to get money back in my account.  I checked my email to try to pass the time.  The research site had emailed me back, confirming their error, and issuing a refund.  That subsided the rage a bit.... but the traffic still was at a snails pace.  Turned out to be a major car crash.  We finally arrived at the location late, and after stretching ourselves back to normal from being in the cars.... we started to block the scene.  I went to the camera bag, to check the camera and get a video tape.  Oh, fuck.... NOOOOOOO!!!!  In  my hurry I forgot to pack tape to record with.  I never usually forget stuff, but today I screwed the pooch.  It was already 3:30 pm, and by the time we would be able to locate a camera store in Santa Cruz with a tape, and get to start shooting, it would be way too late.  We decided to scrap the shoot, and reschedule. 

I was kicking myself on the way home.....  I almost thought what else could fucking happen?  But tried not to focus on that thought, should I get into an accident on the way back.  I got back to SF, cranky and fried.  I'd eaten a chocolate bar and some juice today, and I felt totally on edge.... Lucky for me, a friend offered to cook me dinner, and let me vent my frustration on him....  I'm still amazed that it wasn't the 13th of the month yesterday, though.

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