Friday, June 19, 2009

Race Cooper on the BIG SCREEN, and Live in PERSON!

Today I have the pleasure of being followed around by a documentary filmmaker, for a documentary on black men in porn.  Look out for it.... not sure what the title is, but it's being pitched to ITVS and Logo.  Cool, huh?  I've only been doing the porn thing for 5 months, and I'm the subject of a doc.  YAY!!!  To check out previous work by this filmmaker, click here.  

The other cool thing going on, is we've scheduled my first porn appearance in San Francisco in conjunction with  Whoot!  The appearance is for the Folsom Friday event, during Pride Weekend in SF, so there's tons of promotion for it.   Hopefully, a lot of people will come by to see me..... and make me feel like a star.  Otherwise, I'll be getting drunk by myself.... don't make me drink by myself.... I'll be a hot mess! :)  Check out more details of this event on my Facebook Fan page!