Friday, June 26, 2009

Oink Alert! Gearing up for Pride!

"It doesn't matter how much you drink, you can't hide your shame."..... Kinda sums up this weekend, huh? It's been a crazy day getting ready for Pride, but I think I've got it all together! Spent the morning trying to catch up on all the work I needed to do, but took a break around lunch to visit my director bud, Leif Gobo. Lucky for me, he gave me a sneak preview of all the glorious filth in the film "Dirty!" This is the movie that I starred in, which I previously dubbed 'Porn Camp'. Holy fuck! Those scenes are CRAZY HOT!! I mean I've never been so proud of a scene I've done..... let alone all the hard work by Ty Lebeouf, Scott Tanner, Blu Kennedy, Max Sinclair, Tony Aziz and Luke Riley. This is going to be off the fucking hook!

Added to that, is some new video updates on
There's the new hot conclusion of the 2-part executive, as well as next week's coming up video of 'The Gardener', where I nail Devin Kihlers on a car hood. HOT! I've included the trailer in this post of 'The Executive' (below).... so have a wank and check it out at!

In other news, I have my appearance at Chaps this evening as part of Folsom Friday. A lot of running around as I've made some promises to stop in at Mr. S, and Powerhouse too.... but it should be a good night. I'm definitely up for getting dirty, and into some mayhem ;-) My ass is kinda plastered around the city right now.... for my appearance at Chaps, and also for the Steamworks ad. Nice. Slutty, Slutty! Hopefully I'll see you out.... but if I don't.... Have a great fucking PRIDE! video


  1. Good to see you sharing your dick with a "mature" asshole. Older guys have experienced sphincters that know how to take a fuck and give it back. There's too much age-ism in porn; it's just as obvious as racism. Butts over forty deserve to be fucked hard and long. You are just the stud to do it. Thanks!

  2. Hey, thanks back.... Knowing what it feels like to be discriminated against sexually... there's absolutely no need for it! Hot is HOT! Glad you liked the scene and thank you for your support! :)

  3. I want to hear all about your Folsum weekend- ALL of it!

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