Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Free Tour on EDGER9.COM!

You gotta check out the brand new layout on Edger9.com.... we're ramping up to start the marketing push! More features to come.... but if you haven't signed up yet for membership, what the fuck you waiting for??? I need NEW SHOES!!! :)

The Pride Download..... Snigga Love and Mr. T!

I can't believe it.... as my buddy Mike Dreyden, likes to say..... It's OVAH! I truly went into Pride this year in hopes of having fun with friends... and I truly did! Pride started on Friday evening for me, with the Folsom Friday. There were chartered busses all over SOMA, shuttling people from the various bars during the night. My buddy Samuel Colt aka Mr. San Francisco Leather, put on an event at Mr. S. Even though I already had plans to make an appearance for the the Bare Chest Calendar Launch at Powerhouse, and had my own appearance at Chaps.... I didn't want to miss all of the leathery goodness that was Sam's event. Glad I didn't! Most of my leather friends were there in full effect.... after watching my Snigga Tony Aziz get love tapped by a flog (dude, you truly got the light touch).... I decided it was my turn. I gave Daddy Doug a workout as he whipped my back and ass to a frenzy..... Hey, what can I say? I have a high pain threshold. I also couldn't help myself by cracking a 'Roots' joke while I was getting whipped. Still high from the whipping, or was that the alcohol kicking in??....my friend Tamara started recording me doing my Mr. T. impression....

After hanging with friends for awhile, and promoting the Edger9.com event at Chaps, it was time to go. I walked the block over to Powerhouse, to be just in time to present the vest to Mr. July 2010 for the Bare Chest Calendar. Someone, asked me if it was a sad thing to give it up.... I replied, "Are you kidding me?" That vest couldn't fly off my hands fast enough!! I kid. It was great seeing all my boys from the calendar..... Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long, and got ready to do a strip-tease at Chaps. So.... There's presently some nudity laws in effect in SF, so can't show you much.... but I did a nice tribute to Michael Jackson with "Smooth Criminal".... and I'll leave it at that. The rest of the night was filled with hot men, getting to meet some great fans, and loads of shots..... Fucking A!

I didn't have much on Saturday during the day to do.... so I helped my friends Kyle and Billy set up The Disco party, they promoted for that evening.... Afterward I went to the gym, and battled the clusterfuck of traffic, that only Pink Saturday, can provide in the Castro. Went and met up with my buddies Tony Aziz, Samuel Colt, Alex and Tamara at Pink Saturday, and we had a rip roaring time!.... Getting our drink on, in the streets. I think we whipped our dicks out for something.... can't remember what... but I have a pink cock ring! After more than a few drinks, we stumbled down the street, to take the subway to Stud Bar. Somewhere during that stumble... A crack lady said, "DAYUUUMMMM!!" to us!
Leading our hunk-posse to SOMA, we got into Stud. I promised to do an appearance for TATOO Saturday, and knew that TheSword.com would be there..... Gotta get my free press!!! I'm sure I said a few foolish things, while I was getting interviewed by Scott Tanner, but hopefully the bloggers won't keep that against me....
Left Stud after our brief press conference and stumbled over to Sam's place to have a couple more shots, and "Where are the blacks? Oh yeah.... POT!", before heading to The Disco. We probably danced all night.... because I remember getting home around 4 a.m. and having to set my alarm for 6:30.
Yeah, I know.... I'm an idiot for volunteering to set up a booth.... but I have a soft heart. After set-up in the morning (God, that sucked!!!) I took a disco nap... and then got ready for a chill day of walking around the Pride festivities with friends and drinking..... Gotta give kudos to gpcrush aka Tamara for all the Folsom Friday and Pink Saturday pics..... and the last photo from my buddy Patrick. The Pride smile says it all..... SNIGGA!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oink Alert! Gearing up for Pride!

"It doesn't matter how much you drink, you can't hide your shame."..... Kinda sums up this weekend, huh? It's been a crazy day getting ready for Pride, but I think I've got it all together! Spent the morning trying to catch up on all the work I needed to do, but took a break around lunch to visit my director bud, Leif Gobo. Lucky for me, he gave me a sneak preview of all the glorious filth in the film "Dirty!" This is the movie that I starred in, which I previously dubbed 'Porn Camp'. Holy fuck! Those scenes are CRAZY HOT!! I mean I've never been so proud of a scene I've done..... let alone all the hard work by Ty Lebeouf, Scott Tanner, Blu Kennedy, Max Sinclair, Tony Aziz and Luke Riley. This is going to be off the fucking hook!

Added to that, is some new video updates on Edger9.com.
There's the new hot conclusion of the 2-part executive, as well as next week's coming up video of 'The Gardener', where I nail Devin Kihlers on a car hood. HOT! I've included the trailer in this post of 'The Executive' (below).... so have a wank and check it out at Edger9.com!

In other news, I have my appearance at Chaps this evening as part of Folsom Friday. A lot of running around as I've made some promises to stop in at Mr. S, and Powerhouse too.... but it should be a good night. I'm definitely up for getting dirty, and into some mayhem ;-) My ass is kinda plastered around the city right now.... for my appearance at Chaps, and also for the Steamworks ad. Nice. Slutty, Slutty! Hopefully I'll see you out.... but if I don't.... Have a great fucking PRIDE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I ran into Van Darkholme at the gym, director of Kink.com's Boundgods, and Naked Combat.... and we caught up for a bit. Apparently, I was right... the video I shot with them earlier is very popular! So we started discussing getting me back in the Kink building, for Naked Kombat. This is the no-holds-barred-wrestling-for-top site that Van launched last year. I expressed interest in doing it.... not from a sexual nature... but just in a, let's see how I hold up in a match curiosity.
When I was a kid, I never really got into fights.... being the brains of the family, I pretty much relied on my older siblings for protection. However, sometime in high school, with my older siblings already gone, and I left alone.... I started to realize that I needed to learn how to fight in some capacity. I had a great coach who pushed me into trying wrestling.... Made me very disciplined in my workouts and training, and I eventually won a few championships because of it. After high school, I've dabbled in martial arts and boxing.... but never made a full blown effort to keep up with it. Although they came in handy when I used to bounce for a club, and needed to street brawl.

Through talking to Van, it seemed he wanted to get me to do Naked Combat, but was finding it difficult to find a partner with my build and height.... I said, "Forget about that..... Just get me someone who can fight!" The week went by.... and I pretty much forgot about Naked Kombat until my "twin" friend Samuel Colt, twittered that he was fighting my other friend Luke Riley.... Wish I was on the sidelines to watch that match! Samuel, like me, has some fighting background.... so I had to envision Luke getting his clock cleaned. Sorry Luke, I'm rooting for ya... but you look overmatched. No sooner was I wishing that I could have a match, then I got a call from the Talent Manager at Kink. Awesome! Who'd they line me up with? No other than uber-fighting-stud Dak Ramsey! Woohoo! He may be a bit shorter than me.... but from watching his video on Naked Kombat, I have no doubt that this will be a fucking sweet fight..... Win or lose. Just let me say this.... "Sorry to break it to you Dak, but I'm not planning on losing. Keep your ass clean." :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Race Cooper on the BIG SCREEN, and Live in PERSON!

Today I have the pleasure of being followed around by a documentary filmmaker, for a documentary on black men in porn.  Look out for it.... not sure what the title is, but it's being pitched to ITVS and Logo.  Cool, huh?  I've only been doing the porn thing for 5 months, and I'm the subject of a doc.  YAY!!!  To check out previous work by this filmmaker, click here.  

The other cool thing going on, is we've scheduled my first porn appearance in San Francisco in conjunction with Edger9.com.  Whoot!  The appearance is for the Folsom Friday event, during Pride Weekend in SF, so there's tons of promotion for it.   Hopefully, a lot of people will come by to see me..... and make me feel like a star.  Otherwise, I'll be getting drunk by myself.... don't make me drink by myself.... I'll be a hot mess! :)  Check out more details of this event on my Facebook Fan page! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Porn Camp - Day 4

Last day of shooting, and Leif Gobo says.... "We've made a phenomenal movie!" or in Steve Cruz's ever classic words.... "It's sick!"  FYI - It was Ty Lebeouf's birthday yesterday, so we all shared in some of his "Cookie Cake".  
We started the shoot day finishing off b-roll footage of myself, Ty Lebeouf and Luke Riley, to compliment the scene that Ty and I shot on Day 2.  Didn't take too long, and we made up some
good jokes to go in this movie..... Hey, comedy in porn is all good!   
After our b-roll was completed, the crew began setting up for the mud wrestling scene.  This is balls-to-the-wall "DIRTY" fun!  Kudos to Luke and Ty for not being afraid of the mud pit, and going into with full gusto!  I was pretty much done with all my filming at this time, but thought it would be boring to just go back to the hotel and chill by myself.  So, ever the helper, I stuck around and provided assistance to both Leif Gobo, Steve Cruz, Ty Lebeouf and Luke Riley.  
Glad I did!  I got some hot fucking pictures for my blog!  Also, because I think they're glad I stuck around....  
We're presently filming the last fucking position, and the sun is almost down.  We started shooting today around 11:30 a.m.
  So, Ty and Luke have got to be worn out.... but to give you a nibble of all the hotness that this movie is giving, check out the pics in this post.  As well as some that I've posted on Twitter today....  Oh, I can hear it building, the groans..... Yep. There he goes, CUM SHOT!!! Time to celebrate!!! :)  See you all back in San Francisco!! 

Porn Camp - Day 3

Well, we've come to the final day of shooting... but I'll have to catch you up on all our stuff that went on yesterday.  Tony Aziz and Max Sinclair had a very early call time, and were troopers for their long shoot out in the woods.  Them boys were hunting.... but Max says to Tony, "You're the only animal out here." Brown Chicken Brown Cow! :) The Sword covered the location getting lots of great pictures..... and twittered all day. As seen here with yesterday's pic of Steve Cruz directing me eating Ty Lebeouf's ass, and messing it up with beer.  While The Sword covered Max and Tony's scene, and then Blu Kennedy and Scott Tanner's, I had my glamour shots taken.  Love the photographer I get to work with, since I worked with him before on the Steamworks photo shoot.   After what seemed like a fairly quick photo shoot, I went around to say goodbye to guys that would probably be leaving today.... It's going to be a nice last day at Porn Camp. Getting back to the hotel, we pretty much just chilled and pounded back some drinks with Max, and Luke Riley who came to Porn Camp yesterday.  Ty Lebeouf (pictured here with me) will be doing some rolling around in the mud today with Luke.  HOT!!!  Check out my last post tomorrow, as we make our way back on the road..... Also, don't forget to check out Twitter, for up to the minute Tweets! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Porn Camp - Day 2

Lots of fun yesterday.... a little "draining" at the end, but I'm no worse for wear.  Started the day with my roommate, Tony Aziz, and I on our new addiction.  No, not weed... that's an old addiction for both of us.  We're both now on Twitter!!!  I totally blame Steve Cruz for getting us on this.  For some reason yesterday... and I don't know how we got on it, but I started calling Tony the 'new black' because, well.... he's a Sand Nigga.  Making  both of us Sniggas.... we typed it on Twitter, and the comments haven't stopped!  NICE!!!  You can find me and that crazy Snigga Tony (pictured here with his tongue out), by our usernames 'TonyAziz' and 'RaceCooperXXX', or just follow my tweets on the right column of my blog!

When we arrived at the shoot location mid-day,  Tony and Max Sinclair got into make-up and wardrobe for their glamour shots, while Ty Lebeouf and I got ready for our scene.  Notice picture above has me with a do-rag, hugging Max; and Ty getting make-up applied to his body. Ty is so fucking hot!  With our trashy look completed we got on set, and had a rip roaring good time!!!  When people see Ty and I in our scene together (pictured below), they're going to lose their freaking collective SHIT!!!  I'll give you a hint.... there's lots of beer and watersports involved.  YUM!!!  :) 

Snigga Power!  Check in tomorrow for more crazy stuff from Porn Camp! 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Porn Camp - Day 1

It was a bit early to be getting on the road this morning, at 9 a.m., but thankfully the guys on the Porn Camp bus to Grass Valley were just as crazy as me. :)   If it wasn't Leif Gobo engaged in verbal humorous sparring, it was Steve Cruz telling me to take it down a notch!  Fuck YOU!  I am not the Grace Jones of Gay PORN!  On second thought, she's pretty fucking fierce :)  We had two people I hadn't met before, Blu Kennedy and pictured above, on the right, Max Sinclair.  You can see by the pic that Steve Cruz, Tony Aziz and Max are having a good time already.... Lots of laughs and roughousing on the way up.  Good times!  We got to the hotel and we chilled for a bit having drinks by the pool, before following and having dinner at Margaritas across the street with the rest of the crew (below).  Nothing like some butch porn men, getting girl-drink-drunk ;-)  More mayhem to come tomorrow, when Ty Lebeouf and I do our scene.... that boy's CRAZY! 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oink Alert! Sweet, Delicious, Excruciating PAIN! Now online!!!

I just noticed that my scene with Tober Brandt for Bound Gods was posted a couple of days ago.  I can feel the volts of electricity and my raw whipped skin, just watching the trailer.... (Sigh) such fun times!!  I think the Bound Gods site is already getting a lot of hits on it.... what is it about a black guy being tied up and whipped is soooo enjoyable, huh?  Oh right.... it's still TABOO.....  Don't tell anybody I liked it, and we'll let people believe it's all about something racist, rather than some guy getting me off, okay?  Shhhhhh!  Mums the word.  To check out the trailer for it, click here.  Otherwise to get the full fucked up sex scene.... go to BoundGods.com

Freaky Friday! Cue the scary music...

It started as one of those normal days.... end of the week, and I was finally feeling better from getting over a cold.  But already at 10 a.m. I had the feeling I was cursed.  I was getting things organized for the shoot yesterday for Edger9.  It was just a solo of me, and wouldn't require that much preparation, but I usually try to get everything prepared anyway.  As I was going through the itinerary of the shoot that day, I remembered I hadn't checked my account online in awhile.  I was floored by the overdraft that was there.... WTF???  Somehow a withdrawal was taken from my account for a subscription that I had cancelled for a research site.  I freaked out.  Scrambling I fired off some emails to the site, asking why my subscription hadn't been cancelled and where the fuck was my money!!!!  I looked at the clock after this electronic tirade.... FUCK!  I'm late.  

I rushed out of the door with the camera equipment and met up with my biz partners for the drive to Santa Cruz.  We got on the road a little later than scheduled, but we were making good time... until we hit Highway 17.  Then.... Gridlock.  Sitting in traffic for an hour and a half, didn't go well.... I was already low on gas, and didn't know how the fuck to get money back in my account.  I checked my email to try to pass the time.  The research site had emailed me back, confirming their error, and issuing a refund.  That subsided the rage a bit.... but the traffic still was at a snails pace.  Turned out to be a major car crash.  We finally arrived at the location late, and after stretching ourselves back to normal from being in the cars.... we started to block the scene.  I went to the camera bag, to check the camera and get a video tape.  Oh, fuck.... NOOOOOOO!!!!  In  my hurry I forgot to pack tape to record with.  I never usually forget stuff, but today I screwed the pooch.  It was already 3:30 pm, and by the time we would be able to locate a camera store in Santa Cruz with a tape, and get to start shooting, it would be way too late.  We decided to scrap the shoot, and reschedule. 

I was kicking myself on the way home.....  I almost thought what else could fucking happen?  But tried not to focus on that thought, should I get into an accident on the way back.  I got back to SF, cranky and fried.  I'd eaten a chocolate bar and some juice today, and I felt totally on edge.... Lucky for me, a friend offered to cook me dinner, and let me vent my frustration on him....  I'm still amazed that it wasn't the 13th of the month yesterday, though.

Oink Alert! Introducing a story on Edger 9....

As I've mentioned before, we're making some changes on Edger, and we'd like your feedback.  In trying to make something new, and different, we're introducing a storyline as the backdrop for myself and other characters (models) we feature on Edger 9!  Not quite a porn-opera.... but something like that.  The first video showing the story is part one of a two parter, called 'The Executive'.  As well, we'll be adding some written stories on to the site so you can read about character development, and some dirty sex that we choose not to capture on camera.  It's an interesting experiment that I'm totally excited about.... if you haven't already become a member, go check it out now, on Edger9.com! 

Monday, June 8, 2009

WERK IT!! New layout design on Edger 9!

So, we've been working hard on building content, and making a brand new design on Edger9.com! Not only are we incorporating an index page on recent videos you might have missed, but as well we're showing upcoming videos, new picture galleries and new formats to allow downloadable video compatible for Mac, PC, iPhone and cell phone users!  Nice!   Now, you'll have the opportunity to fully watch Edger9 video to whack-off at home, or on the go!!! OINK! To check out all the new changes, go to EDGER9.COM!!! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally, a Flaming FAGGOT!

Who says severe embarassment and ridicule in front of your peers, doesn't work?  In Leif Gobo's case... it works WONDERS!!!  As we both get prepared for the upcoming 'Porn Camp' shoot, I've been gently reminding him at every chance I get to... UPDATE HIS BLOG!  He finally caved today! YAY!  He added some great pictures of the XXX production here, some of which I had yet to see..... Also, is the much talked about director's cut of XXX, featuring the web only scene of Scott Campbell on fire.... Literally!  Flaming faggots rejoice!  Check out Leif's blog by clicking here, and to download the scene of flaming Scott Campbell, click here.  Wooosh! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's nothing wrong with self-love! Nominate me bitches!!!

So I didn't realize until today that this is even possible.   After going to the Grabby's and parties for the GAYVN's, I've decided that it would be stupid of me not to try to get nominated for stuff this year.  And guess what?  The first opportunity for that to happen is with the public!  The Blatino Awards are happening this fall, put on by Flavamen, and you can nominate me for a plethora of catergories.... Best Blog, Best Black Website, Most Notable Porn Star, Best New Website, Best Bottom, Best Top, Best Versatile....  Hell, nominate me for best Latin Club if you want.... just do it now!  Fleshbot.com got the jump on you already.... god I love those guys!!! They even wrote a sweet article about it!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get your own ass in gear and nominate me, go to wwwblatinoawards.com

Summertime means.... it's time for PORN CAMP!

I'm really excited about my upcoming shoot with Falcon/Mustang (yet to be titled).  We're going to be shooting in the back woods of Grass Valley, California.  Now, usually I wouldn't be excited about being in the middle of nowhere, having to pack my allergy medication for a few days (I'm totally an urban kid).... but the casting makes it all worth it!  Not only am I paired with my friend and someone I've wanted to work with for ages, Ty Lebeouf, but I'll also be hanging with Scott Tanner, Luke Riley, and Blu Kennedy!  Holy crap!  I gotta say that Ty and Blu have always been in my top 10 of guys I've wanted to work with, and bonus that I get to hang with Scott and Luke and get to know them!  I'm attracted to all kinds of guys.... but blondes and gingers always win out for me!  I'm gonna be in piggy heaven!!!!   YAY!!  Added to all this is of course, is being directed by my friends Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo, and also the owner of the location, who happens to be my friend (Yeah, I helped Steve and Leif scout locations on this one.) I'm almost coming in my pants from the excitement..... I've deemed that this shoot should be called Porn Camp!   Let the 'Porky's' mayhem ensue... it's gonna be awesome!!!  Be sure to check in to my blog in the next couple of weeks.  I plan on blogging about our antics as I get to hang, have sex, and get into some general trouble with these hunks.... Woohoo!!! 

Monday, June 1, 2009

SUPER OINK ALERT! Skuff 4 now available on DVD for pre-order!

Hey Porntastic people, the new video for Skuff 4 is now available!  Woohoo!  I gotta say this was a joy to shoot.... not only because I loved working with the people at Hot House (Steven Scarborough is the best! ), but because I got to enjoy the very delicious, and even plowable... Derek Diamond! To get your copy, go to your neighborhood porn store... or better yet, click on the Skuff 4 icon on my sidebar and order today!!  Hurry up!  This shit ain't gonna get mailed to you just by reading my posts! :)