Monday, May 25, 2009

IML/Grabbys Weekend Part 1

It started off with high expectations, and did not disappoint me as I began my porntastic weekend! I knew that there were some people expecting to see me here... but I had no idea the amount of free marketing I already had!  I've had a great relationship with the general managers, directors, and owners of Steamworks for a number of years.... but, WOW!  MY ASS IS ALL OVER THE PLACE!   The ad (shown here), not only is seen in just about every gay mag during IML weekend, but there are banners and posters of me all around!  Fucking A!!!  I got to feel like a celebrity as soon as I got to our hotel in Chicago, with that feeling lasting all day Friday of this weekend.  

Started my shift at the Steamworks booth in the leather market, and got to meet a lot of fans and people that wanted to take pictures with me.  It was fantastic! Got to give kudos to
 JC and Curtis (pictured here with me)
 for making work at the booth so much fun.  My abs were hurting from laughing all day!  That evening was the SF Party in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel, and the organizers asked me to go-go dance for it... which is always good... because I love those guys, and I would have been dancing at it anyway.  Ended up doing a lot of drinking in the lobby that night, and somehow in a room filled with hunky men having sex until the break of dawn.  Good times!  Nice start to the weekend.  Will update soon on the other parts of my weekend soon, especially the GRABBYS!  

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